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Bid-Ninja software | Stats, Analytics, & Bidding App

Player Stats

  • Know how much money your competition spends on each auction
  • See who’s using cash or voucher bids (Quibids only)
  • Discover what other auctions players are bidding on
  • Bid-Ninja even shows you every player’s overall winning percentage

Product Stats

  • Discover the best day of the week to bid on a product
  • The best time of the day to bid on that item
  • Whether prices are trending up or down
  • All Quibids & Dealdash auction information appears right on your computer screen!


  • Easily setup BidBuddy with your own strategies then place bids for you automatically
  • Works on Dealdash & Quibids penny auction sites
  • Use on live and upcoming penny auctions
  • You can even win while sleeping!

Bottom Line

  • Imagine there are several upcoming auctions for iPhones
  • Which auction do you join?
  • Well, Bid-Ninja shows you the one with the best chance to win at the lowest price
  • Our mission is to make you a more efficient bidder and improve your bottom line!

Quick Answers to Common questions

What is Bid-Ninja?

Penny auction software installed in your Chrome or Firefox browser that helps you win more auctions. Bid-Ninja Software contains three distinct penny auction tools.

  • Bid-Ninja Analytics delivers vital information through your web browser to help you bid smarter, which in turn will allow you to win more Dealdash & Quibids penny auctions while spending less money buying bids.
  • Bid-Ninja BidBuddy® places penny auction bids automatically for you just the way you want. Easy setup. Powerful tool.
  • Auction Tracker is a list of current penny auctions taking place on QuiBids and DealDash, including the hidden auctions that may have been removed from public view.

Which devices are supported?

Any Mac or Windows (version 7 or above) computer along with Google’s Chrome or Mozilla’s Firefox web browser. If you don’t have either web browser on your computer, you may click below to download and install the latest versions:

PLEASE NOTE: Although Bid-Ninja does not work on iPhone or Android devices, you can access online product and player stats from any device.

Which penny auction sites are supported?

At this time, Bid-Ninja works on and Think of it this way, it’s like having you own DealDash App or QuiBids App!

If you are interested in having Bid-Ninja support other online bidding sites, please email and let us know at

How much does Bid-Ninja cost?

Bid-Ninja Standard is FREE.

For members wanting more advanced stats and analytics, check out our Premium Subscriptions. Plans are available by the week, month, quarter, and year.

How do I get Bid-Ninja?

Step 1: Install Bid-Ninja into your web browser
Step 2: Go to DealDash or QuiBids
  • Once installed, simply enter any live QuiBids or DealDash penny auction and two popup/login boxes (one for Analytics and another for BidBuddy) will automatically appear on the auction page
  • This is Bid-Ninja Basic and it’s yours to keep for FREE, forever! And no need to sign-in
Step 3: (Optional) Sign-up for a Premium Subscription
  • In the Analytics login area, you’ll see a button
  • Having a Bid-Ninja Premium Subscription gives you access to many more stats & analytics. Any -locked- fields will magically become reveal additional information
  • If you signed-up for BidBuddy subscription, please log in using the same email/password in the separate BidBuddy login area

It’s a DealDash App.   It’s a QuiBids App.  It’s Bid-Ninja.

Live, actionable Quibids & Dealdash stats & analytics – at your fingertips!

Imagine for a moment that you want to compete for a notebook computer and need to do some pre-auction research. To start, you’ll want auction product stats for previous auctions for the same item. Information like how much it previously sold for, the day of the week and time of day it sold, the suggested retail, etc.

Once the auction bidding starts, you’ll want to know your competition. Bid-Ninja will show you each info such as each player’s win rate, average spend per auction, etc.  Wouldn’t it be nice to know whether you competing against a bunch of power-bidders or newbies?

If you’re looking to take penny auctions to a whole new level, we offer premium subscriptions to Bid-Ninja’s proprietary bidding tool, BidBuddy. After setup, this bidding tool will automatically place bids for you using your own penny auction strategies. BidBuddy uses complex penny auction modeling designed to win more auctions while limiting the amount of bids needed.

BidBuddy® is a Registered Trademark of Bid Ninja, LLC.

Check out Bid-Ninja in Action!

Slice through your Competition

The demonstration video to the right shows Bid-Ninja in action on Quibids. Since each penny auction website has its own unique features, player and product statistics & analysis do vary slightly.

Bid-Ninja is an extremely easy-to-use penny auction tool that provides valuable information to help you bid smarter while spending less on bids.

Go ahead, start your Bid-Ninja free trial, today. Soon you’ll be slicing right through your auction competition!

Easy-To-Use Penny Auction Tools

  • Bid on one or multiple penny auctions, simultaneously
  • Analytics displays player & product stats right on each auction page
  • BidBuddy also appears on each auction page and places bids for you automatically (this is why we call BidBuddy the friendly auto bidder)

Auction Stats at Your Fingertips

  • Know when any bidder is about to run out of bids
  • Discover whether a player is using voucher bids or real “cash money” bids
  • See the entire auction bid timeline from beginning to end, including:
  • … the average ending price of any auction item
  • … the day of the week any item sells at the lowest dollar amount
  • … the hour of the day any item sells at the lowest dollar amount
  • Find hidden dealdash com app and quibids com app auctions that have been removed from public view

Don’t Get Locked-Out

  • Bid-Ninja let’s you know when you’re in danger of being locked out of a Quibids auction so you can take action
  • Since Bid-Ninja will place a bid before the auction “locks” – no more wasted bids!
  • See which bidders have been locked-out
  • Read more about QuiBids Locked Auctions

Can’t I just track every Dealdash & Quibids bid myself?

Imagine …

You’re sitting down at your desk with a pen, lots of paper, calculator, and cup of coffee. You fire-up your computer and get ready to enter an upcoming Dealdash auction for an Apple iPad.

As the auction begins, jot down EVERY BID placed by EVERY USER and the time in which it each bid is placed.

Throughout the auction, continue to record the number of bids each user places – in the exact order, to determine his/her “bid spend.”

Once the auction ends, calculate and analyze every bid placed by bidder and auction type. For example, this particular auction gets put in the “iPad” or “tablet” section.

Whew! That’s a lot of work for just one auction. Now repeat the process thousands upon thousands of times over many days, weeks, months, and years to replicate the information Bid-Ninja provides. And one more thing, you’re going to need instant access to all this information. Uh oh!

A better choice

Save time, money, and a bunch of beautiful green trees. Let Bid-Ninja track, store, and deliver all penny auction stats and analytics for you. Plus, with Bid-Ninja, you’ll get to sit back, relax, and enjoy that coffee!

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Bid-Ninja software is available for Chrome & Firefox

for DealDash App & QuiBids App

Information at Your Fingertips!

Bid-Ninja software provides penny auction stats & analytics in real-time for Quibids app and Dealdash app. These Ninja Stats are instantly displayed on your computer screen (right on the auction page) in an easy-to-use format.

Armed with this knowledge, you’ll get valuable insight on your competition, such as the number of remaining bids each user has and whether he/she is using real or voucher bids (Quibids auctions only). The Bid-Ninja penny auction app will even tell you the best day of the week and time of day to play for a particular item.

This information has been verified by our customers to provide a competitive advantage in live penny auctions. See why so many of them WIN MORE & SPEND LESS!

Happy manon DealDash App & other free bidding sites

Great partners

Bid-Ninja utilizes massive Amazon Web Services cloud servers to gather and store millions of online auction stats.  The servers monitor every single Quibids and Dealdash penny auction and records every bid placed by user on these auction sites (24/7/365).

The data is collected, analyzed, and instantly shared with our customers via the free Bid-Ninja penny auction app on your computer. All information is conveniently inserted right on the auction page!

Remember, the information is provided in real-time. For example, once you enter a live Quibids or Dealdash penny auction, each bid is displayed on your screen within milliseconds of being placed. Our customers think that’s pretty cool! And we agree.


Bid-Ninja uses Amazon Web Services for Ninja Stats

works on Dealdash App & Quibids App

Why these two penny auction sites?

In our opinion, these two penny auction giants are “far and away” the best penny auction sites online. In a niche industry that has seen more than its fair share of companies come and go, Oklahoma based QuiBids and Minnesota based Deal Dash have been mainstays since their respective foundings back in 2009.

Over the past decade, both online bidding sites have provided excellent customer experiences and auctioned off thousands of branded products, including, iPhones, computers, household appliance, gift cards, and even automobiles!

– AND –