This is a picture of the QuiBids coupon code for five free bids. The code is DRESSFRESH

Dress Fresh for Spring with Free Bids from QuiBids

Once again, QuiBids has released another promotional/coupon code allowing you to snag some more free bids!

This latest quibids code gets you five totally free bids to use on whatever you’d like, but you’d better act fast because it expires on April 4th!  To redeem it, log into your QuiBids account and then visit your “redeem coupon page” here

The code this time is:


Here is the picture they used in the email:

This is a picture of the QuiBids coupon code for five free bids.  The code is DRESSFRESH

And here is a picture of the email they sent out:

This is a picture of the "DRESSFRESH" promotional email QuiBids sent out with their latest coupon code for free bids

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An Explanation of & a Few Basic Strategies

QuiBid Strategies

This QuiBids logo is here to show you that Bid-Ninja supports QuiBidsThe rationale behind the QuiBids site is that bidders have the chance to obtain highly-prized consumer items such as iPhones, iPads, jewellery or clothes at a sizeable discount off the retail price.   Bidding commences in increments of one cent, and each time a bid is placed, it will be deducted from the remaining bids in the participant’s account.  After each bid, the timer is reset back to 10 or 20 seconds (depending on the auction).  The winner is the last person to have placed a bid when the timer reaches zero and the auction ends.

Strategies for successful bidding

Over the five years since its establishment, the site has attracted a number of bidders who have implemented successful strategies and developed into professional QuiBidders.  These are people who have mastered the art of the auction bidding – some of whom will have taken advantage of specialist bid assistance software such as Bid Ninja.  The Bid Ninja browser plug-in is designed to give the user maximum advantage in bidding by showing the net gains and losses of competing players, who is running out of bids, the total bids used and more – all in real time.

Here is a video of the Bid-Ninja software in action:

A bidder’s chances of winning an auction will be increased by the number of bids he places.  This strategy of bidding by volume may result in the bidder’s name becoming recognizable in the QuiBid community.  This can be off-putting to competitors if they form the opinion that the particular bidder is in control of the auction.

Persons who participate in auctions must set realistic expectations.  Adhering to a sensible spending limit is likely to enhance the auction experience and will ensure that the bidder does not incur unnecessary expenditure.

Some QuiBid items are placed in the auction for the least amount at particular times on particular days. The competition for such items is much less than the competition for higher priced items and therefore astute bidders can benefit.  In addition, bidding during the rush hour when commuters are busy travelling can increase the bidder’s chances of winning.

A successful strategy can also be developed for bidding on high value goods.  This would involve taking advantage of last second bids at the Very Hot Price or Hot Price of the auction (which can also be found within Bid-Ninja).  The Hot Price represents the point where 84.1% of all auctions for this particular item have closed prior.  If an item up for auction has passed this number, then the auction is likely to close soon.  The Very Hot Price represents the point where 97.7% of all auctions for this particular item have closed prior.  For the latter, a bidder would need to bid at the perceived very last second in order to be successful.

Being an aggressive bidder entails placing a new bid before the 20 second period expires. If there are many aggressive bidders, the cycle will keep repeating until the number of available bids in each person’s account diminishes. Gradually the competition is bound to fall away.

Bidders who take the time to devise and implement an appropriate auction strategy may achieve success on QuiBids.

This screenshot shows the latest new feature added to Bid-Ninja, the interactive answering system

Interactive Answering System – The Latest Newly Added Bid-Ninja Feature

Today we’re letting you know about the latest new feature we’ve rolled out for our users (it’s available now)…our “interactive answering system” within the Bid-Ninja interface (pictured below). Instead of sitting there wondering what you’re looking at and having to refer to our guide or submit a support ticket asking us, you can now get the answer you’re looking for instantly by hovering your mouse over the newly added question marks (pictured in screenshot below)

This screenshot shows the latest new feature added to Bid-Ninja, the interactive answering system

Screenshot of Bid-Ninja Interface Showing the “Interactive Answering System”

There are now “question marks” within the Bid-Ninja interface, and by hovering your mouse over them, you’ll get a detailed explanation of the information the question is above. For example, in the picture abovethat shows part of the Bid-Ninja interface, we’ve hovered our mouse over the “padlock” icon question mark…have a look at what happens.

All you have to do is install Bid-Ninja and then browse to any QuiBids, DealDash or Beezid auction and you’ll see the Bid-Ninja interface appear.  Login, and you’ll see the latest newly added feature and you can try it out yourself!

This is literally just the first of many new features Bid-Ninja will be releasing over the course of the coming weeks.  You can make sure you know about all the new features as they come out by checking out the Bid-Ninja blog here.

How to Win on QuiBids – The Question on Everybody’s Mind

How to Win on QuiBids

Winning in the world’s biggest online retailer and penny auction requires cunning, the tools of the bidding trade and strategy. Every bidder knows that winning the auction means being the highest bidder when the time runs out. Of course, you would also need to know about other aspects about the bidding war such as your competitors. Here is how you can win on QuiBids –

Stay Realistic

This cannot be stressed enough. Unfortunately, it is also often neglected. Penny auctions such as QuiBids are addictive and can cause some players to set unrealistic expectations. Therefore, the first tip to win on the penny auction website is to limit your spending to realistic levels. You have to realize that you’re up against serious competition on QuiBids…there are people (like the one in the video below) that have spent over $700,000 on QuiBis! Because of this, staying realistic is of the utmost importance.

The Time and Day Matters

You can win big if you keep this fact in mind and capitalize on it when the opportunity arises. For example, you can win if you only bid on the day and time certain Quibids items are put up for auction for the least amount. How will this help you win? There is less competition for items that sell for less than their average price. In other words, you will have better chances of snagging a bigger prize if you be patient.

Bid Late Strategy for High Value Products

If you absolutely have to gun for high value products and can afford to pay more, you can choose to bid at the very last second at the Very Hot Price or Hot Price of the auction. What are they? These are records of statistics that are reported on QuiBids Report. These are basically rare price points which mean there might not be many bidders vying for them unless they are in it for the long haul like yourself. Also keep a close eye on other bids and wait it out till other bidders give up. You shouldn’t have a problem with this if you are in it for the long haul. Claim your prize once the field is clear.

Know your Bid Time

You can bid cheaper on certain auctions by selecting the best time to bid. For example, if you bid on a time when they are less competitors bidding for a particular item you have a stronger chance of winning. There are a lot of auctions for people to choose from so you won’t have trouble looking out for auctions with a thinner online crowd.

Use Bid Ninja

This particular software gives Quibids bidders a definite edge. Bid Ninja is designed to provide users a layout of the Quibids playing floor. For example, it provides the number of auctions your competitors have won, the auctions they are currently bidding in, and more. But the best part is that Bid Ninja also lets you know the best week and hour of the day to play in. Such a tool would give you a plethora of strategies (read opportunities) to win big and then some.

Avoid this like the Plague!

Going for the Big Prize

Going for the most popular item on auction immediately is a bad idea, period. This is one of the most common mistakes that beginners make when they use the website for the first time. Needless to say, the results aren’t pretty. Remember, there is a lot of competition for these particular items and most of the competitors are seasoned bidders.

So there you have it. Remember, when it comes to winning big in Quibids, strategy counts. Choose the best online software, remember when to bid, keep track of your competors, avoid the common pitfalls and you will rake in the winnings in no time.

what QuiBids is

Wondering if QuiBids is a Scam or Not?

Nothing in in life is free, and hearing that you can get items that are worth hundreds of dollars for a fraction of the price might sound a little unnerving to most. How else could a company stay in business if they sold products at prices far less retail unless the products are knockoffs or the company is indeed a scam? Is QuiBids a scam because they offer these types of promotions to their customers? The short answer is no and here is why.

QuiBids has been accused of being a scam from users who have not done their research before jumping into their first auction. QuiBids is a business like any other company that seeks to generate profit. The way that they accomplish that and still pass on incredible savings to customers is by running a business model off a system known as penny stocks.

When you bid on a penny stock, you are agreeing to enter into a win-or-lose contest. If you don’t win an item that you bid on, you are still obligated to pay the amount of money that you bid; however, if you are the top bidder on a product, you can end up paying less than $100 for a product that costs over a thousand. Losing bids that other customers place are then used to cover the cost of the product and operating costs of QuiBids.

Those that raise the question “is QuiBids a scam? are often the ones that have lost an auction at some point or another and have lost money because they didn’t know how it worked.  Others might think it’s a scam because they simply don’t know what QuiBids is.  If you fall into that second category, we advise you check out our post on what QuiBids is.  If you learn how to bid smart and understand how the system works before jumping in the ring, you are less likely to wonder if quibids is a scam and more likely to come out successful with a brand new product that you purchased at unheard of discounts.

If you are still wondering if quibids is a scam or not, think of it this way. When you apply for a job against a competitive pool of applications, is the job a scam if you aren’t the one hired? Just because you weren’t the one hired might just mean that you were up against some applicants that had more experience or were just more aggressive in the application process.

There are two ways to increase your opportunities to win and level the playing field: one way is to do your research before hand, the second is to invest in the tools to win. Avoid the temptation to impulse bid and go after products that you really don’t want. Carefully pick and choose products that you want to win while developing an aggressive strategy to do so.

Software such as Bid Ninja can give you a better estimate of your chances by analyzing statistics associated with a specific auction and allowing you to decide whether or not you want to invest your money. In addition to their live-time analytics, their Autobidder and Auction Tracker keep everything organized by reducing the time you would have spent on the computer trying to win.

There is a short video demonstration of Bid-Ninja in action on a quibids auction here, or you can check it out below:

So the full answer of the question, “is QuiBids a scam?” comes down to how much work you are willing to put into researching the service and trying to win a product. If QuiBids were a scam, they wouldn’t have been in business for over five years at this point servicing hundreds of new customers every day. It is true that nothing in life is free, but that doesn’t mean that every opportunity that comes your way such as QuiBids falls under that category. If you take time to learn about the business model and develop a plan of action before your first bid, you’ll be that much more capable of winning your bid and walking away with everything you were promised and more.

Is QuiBids Software Helpful? Can it Really Help Win More Auctions?

How Using QuiBids Software Really Does Lead to Winning More Auctions

Winning an auction on penny sites such as QuiBids comes down to statistics…and of course using the right tools. Using the auction site without using resources such as QuiBids software is a lot like trying to build a house without a hammer or nails. Of course you might be able to build the house in the end, but you are going to have a much harder time doing it and go through a lot of frustration in the process.

Using the right QuiBids software can give you an advantage over other users by giving you information and statistics not widely available. While most bidders are going into an auction blind with no prior knowledge of auction trends, you will be prepared with information about the item and past bids to make informed decisions and confidently dedicate each bid. One of the best QuiBids software on the market offering this potential is Bid Ninja.

Just check out these two videos where you can see auctions actually won using Bid-Ninja:


Bid Ninja is a highly recommended type of QuiBids software on the market because of the 3-core capabilities that it offers you in comparison to other software available. The first capability is that Bid Ninja analyzes QuiBids auctions 24-hours a day and watches for data trends that could benefit you during bidding. Some of the information it collects includes recent winning bids for certain items, auctions that are currently open, and other users who are bidding on the item as well as their bidding trends. All of this information can be viewed using Bid Ninja’s Analytics that shows you real-time auction information.

Another great resource that Bid Ninja offers is the ability to automatically make bids using their Autobidder system. You can set Bid Ninja Autobidder with certain parameters and guidelines to follow based on your research or budget, then Bid Ninja will take care of the rest. Setting up certain parameters is easy to do and will let you use your bids based on how many users are left in the auction and the total price of the item. For instance, if you want to save your bids until a price has reached $3, you can set that information in the software and your first bid will be applied when that total price has been reached. This QuiBids software feature makes it so you aren’t glued to your computer all day, and you can go about your life without spending hours on an auction.

The third and final feature of Bid Ninja is that it allows you to search for and monitor multiple auctions that may not be easy to find from QuiBids main page. Some auctions are hidden so that more veteran bidders don’t have to indefinitely compete against newer bidders joining the site. From this pane, you can monitor every item you might be interested in purchasing as well as those that you are currently bidding on. Consider the Bid Ninja Auction Tracker your bidding command center where you can get all the information you need to develop your plan of attack and increase your odds of winning.You can choose to be like everyone else and go into every auction with desire to win, or you can make it a reality by giving yourself the right tools to win. Bid Ninja’s analytics, Autobidder, and Auction Tracker gives you essential information every user should have before an auction. Information like this can help you to avoid wasting your time and bids at the start of an auction like some of the more novice users. Bid Ninja has three price tiers starting at $59.99 a month for the three tools and can be purchased at their website. If you consider the amount of money that you could potentially throw away not using these services, Bid Ninja seems like a bargain.

QuiBids Strategies to Try Out – Win More Auctions

Various QuiBids Strategies

QuiBids is one of the most popular Penny auction sites where you can have the chance to win big ticket items for a fraction of the price. Bidding on QuiBids is an amazing idea when you’re looking for a bargain price on products. What’s even more interesting is that even if you lose the auction, you can directly buy the product at retail price without incurring a loss.

The same idea has definitely occurred to a lot more people and the QuiBids site continues to get more and more competitive. If you are one of the few that never seem to be able to challenge the pros, then these strategies would be a great place to start until you can find your own lucky formula to win auctions.

Be Aggressive

This is a tricky one to use. This entails placing a new bid before the clock has run out of time. This move is all a play on the psyche of the bidder. Imagine being in the shoes of the other person.

As soon as you bid on an item, the other person outbids you and this cycle keeps on going over and over again until you have no choice but to give up. Waiting for the clock to run out would show some hesitation on part of the other bidder allowing them to hope that they have a chance to win the bid.

The Other Side of the Coin

There are times when you will come face to face with someone who will be aggressively bidding on the product that you have set your sights on. Have no fear because such bidders can be easily dealt with. At this point, you need to understand from the perspective of the aggressive bidder.

When a bidder gets aggressive, chances are that they are trying to outsmart you because they only have a limited number of bids left in their account. This is because they are trying to outbid every person in the auction and this can take a toll on their bids. At this point just wait and see when the bidder runs out and you can take your prize home.

Know When to Bid

Timing is everything when it comes to bidding. The best time to bid is when it’s time to commute to work. No one has access to a computer and the chances of winning an auction are higher. The prime time when the competition gets heated is after work hours until 10pm. Try to find the sweet spot when there are fewer bidders and more auctions.

Use Bid Ninja

Using a third party software such as Bid Ninja can work wonders for your auctioning capabilities. Bid Ninja is a great tool that allows you to gather information on the auction and the bidders working against you. You will be able to see the average closing price of a product and whether bidders are playing with real money or bids. You will also be able to see the win-loss history of your competitors along with the number of auctions they have taken part in.

Knowing just how exciting and dynamic a penny auction can become, they have introduced the tool as an extension which means that you won’t have to navigate away from the site in order to take a look at the numbers.

A penny auction such as QuiBids can be a great place to find bargains but like every other competition, you need to have a strategy and a working knowledge of your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses. Once you have the information and know how to use it, nothing can stop you from getting the prize.

What is QuiBids You Ask? A Great Place to Get a Deal

What is QuiBids?

If you wanted to buy some of the latest gadgets at a bargain price, you would probably visit the traditional haunts such as Amazon or EBay. One thing that you may have overlooked during your bargain hunt are the penny auctions and one of the most popular penny auction sites on the internet is QuiBids.

Bidding on the Site

The QuiBids site works similar to a traditional auction modified for the digital age. Each user starts off with a number of bids that they purchase from the site. QuiBids typically charges $ .60 for each bid placed on the site.

Bids can be purchased in Bid packs. These include

  • 40 bids for $24
  • 70 bids for $45
  • 300 bids for $180
  • 600 bids for $360
  • 800 bids for $480

If you’re a new user, you can avail the starter pack where you can purchase 100 bids for $60.

Getting Started on QuiBids

The QuiBids site and video defines 4 simple steps to getting started on the site. All you have to do is sign up, find an auction, bid on the product, and win or buy the item.

In addition to the starter pack, the penny auction site also offers beginner auctions with more Bid Packs to help beginners understand the way the site works.

Bidding in an Auction

Once you’ve joined an auction, you can start bidding on the product, each time you place a bid, one bid will be deducted from your account, and the clock will be updated by no more than 20 seconds. This is similar to the last call at an auction.

Each bid will also update the price of the product by a single penny.

The Bid-o-Matic

Another great feature of QuiBids is that if you haven’t got the time to sit and bid on an object but really want the deal, you can start the Bid-O-Matic which will then do the bidding for you until you return.

Losing an Auction

If you’ve won an auction, then congratulations! You will get the product at a bargain price which would be impossible to avail anywhere else.

If you didn’t manage to win the auction, then you would still have the chance to save your bids and simply purchase the item at the retail price.

Making the Most of QuiBids

When making bids at a penny auction, it can always be a great advantage if you have done your research before hand, and know not only about the actual bid but also your opponents.

Software such as Bid Ninja provides users with the insight to make sure that they succeed at their bids and are able to take home a product for a fraction of its price.

It provides useful information such as the average number of bids required to win, the winning statistics of your competitors, the average final price of the product in question, and the best times to play in an auction.

Installing Bid ninja is incredibly easy since it can simply be installed as a browser plug in. This enables users to gain valuable information in a time intensive activity without having to leave the page.

This inside information is sure to provide you with an advantage over your competitor and you will be able to make smarter moves in the auction.

How Can Bid Ninja Help?

Even if you have the information, how will you use it to your advantage? That’s what many users are often confused about. In the simplest terms it can tell you whether you need to pursue a particular auction or whether you should back out. If your opponent is three buds away from timing out o0f the auction this information will make sure that you don’t give up on it and stay there for the next three bids until you win.

QuiBids is a great site for those looking to get some great deals on products without breaking their banks. The site however requires a bit of skill and expertise in order to succeed at the auction which can be assisted by intelligent software such as Bid-Ninja.