Get One Month of Unrestricted Use of Bid-Ninja Free!


Want to get yourself one totally free month of use of the Bid-Ninja software, with absolutely no restrictions (IE – you get the full unrestricted version that paid users get)?  We’ll we’re offering just that!

We’re asking anybody that has used our software, whether it be as a paid user, a free trial user or even just having used the totally free limited version to post an honest & real review of our software somewhere on the web and then email us a link to their review at: with the subject line “Posted Review”.

In exchange for your posted review, we’ll give you 1 WEEK of free use of our software on any of the 3 sites we support (your choice).  The person who posts the BEST & MOST THOROUGH review will be given 1 totally free month of use of our software ON ALL THREE SITES we support (that includes the Analytics & the AutoBidder).


Your review must be posted in one (or more, if you’re feeling generous) of these locations:

Free Offer Fulfillment

As soon as you send us a link to your review (at, and what site you’d like to use our software on, we’ll make sure your review is public, new & actually exists.  Then we’ll set you up with one totally free week of unrestricted use of the Bid-Ninja software.  On November 15th 2014, we’ll be selecting the individual that posted the BEST & MOST THOROUGH review, and will award that individual with one totally free MONTH of use of the Bid-Ninja Software (Analytics & AutoBidder) on all three sites we currently support: QuiBids, DealDash & Beezid

We will be posting these reviews on our website!