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DealDash Might as Well be Giving Away Free Bids with This Promo

What’s Going On at DealDash?

The guys over at DealDash must have temporarily lost their minds, because with this latest promotion of theirs, the bids might as well be free.  There is no coupon code needed or anything…you literally just show up and get bids at this absurdly low price:

dealdash promotional sale banner

We’re pretty big fans of DealDash. And a sale like this only makes us love them even more. When DealDash runs a promotion like this it means the competition is going to be fierce. Players are going to have deep bid inventories.  We suggest doing the following three things:

1 You’ve got to have enough bids in your account to make sure you can actually make it to the price the auction typically ends (not only in price, but when the bidders that you’re bidding against typically “fall off” the bidding bandwagon).  Of course the only way that you’re going to know that type of information is to make sure you’re following the next step…

2 Bid-Ninja! That’s effectively the entire second step.  Alright, we’re being a little cheeky here but there’s a reason. How else are you supposed to know when to begin bidding?  Or when you should never bid? How can you know the best day of the week and hour of the day to play?  The answer is Bid-Ninja. See why so many DealDash power bidders use Bid-Ninja.

3 You’ve got to have a strategy.  Whether that strategy is a simple one or a complex multi-layered onion of a strategy, it doesn’t matter (well, it matters a bit), but the point remains the same.  Walking into an auction and randomly throwing a few bids around isn’t going to get you very far.  If you’ve got a strategy in place, you’ll be more vigilant with when & how you bid.  That’s the most important part of having the strategy in the first place. You need to stick with your strategy and avoid “emotional bidding!”

If you’re a bidder on DealDash head over before the sale ends. For Quibids players who’ve been considering trying out Dealdash, now is a great time with bid pack prices so low. We don’t know when it will end, so hurry up!