Dealdash Thanksgiving Day Sale

DealDash Thanksgiving Day Special

Feast On This Special Offer Dealdash Bids for Only 12 Cents Each Bid-Ninja would like to wish everyone — whether you’re a fellow Bid-Ninja or not, a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Playing Penny Auction Trends

Penny Auction Trends

Penny Auctions Trends Online auctions have grown in popularity since eBay was founded in 1995. While eBay has become a household name and other traditional auction houses, including giants Sotheby’s and Christie’s have joined the party, perhaps the most exciting space in online auctions is penny auctions.

MadBid Closes Its Doors

Where In The World Is Madbid?

Where in the World is MadBid? Madbid users around the globe have been wondering and asking themselves what happened to the longtime U.K.-based penny auction site Madbid?