How Bid-Ninja Came to Be

Bid-Ninja is the brainchild of two people who came together completely by chance.  The first person is a “Quibids Professional”, having spent well over $60k on Quibids in 2012 alone.  The second person is a web designer & IT profressional.  These two people, who prefer to remain anonymous and will be referred to as Steve and Rob, came up with the idea to bring Bid-Ninja to other penny auction enthusiasts after Rob had gone to Steve’s house to do some IT work.

After getting his work done, Rob and Steve got to talking, and Steve asked Rob if he had ever heard of a website called “Quibids” and he said that he had, but hadn’t ever played because he wasn’t really sure how possible it was to win…to which Steve replied “I’ve got something I think you’ll think is pretty cool.” and proceeded to lead Rob to his basement.  Rob could not have been prepared for what he was about to see.  Thousands up on thousands of dollars of merchandise…Steve’s basement looked like a department store.  “You won ALL of THIS on Quibids?!” Rob asked, completely astounded by what he was seeing.  “Sure did.” Steve replied.

After spending an hour or so asking him tons of questions, one main point that Rob couldn’t help but hone in on, was that Steve kept saying that his method of playing revolved heavily around keeping track of data…as much as he could get his hands on, and that he had spreadsheets full of data.  Rob, being an IT professional, almost immediately realized there was a significantly better way Steve could not only track the data, but extract from it the points that Steve said were most important to him and his bidding decisions.

Fast forward 6 months and thousands of dollars later, “Bid-Ninja” had been created (although it wasn’t named anything, as it was just a personal application made for Steve so he could put away his antiquated spreadsheets full of data).  This personal bid & data tracking software was Bid-Ninja in it’s infancy.  Steve continued to modify & select what should be shown and what data should be analyzed.  After months of this, Rob told Steve that they should sell the software, especially since Steve kept sinking money into it for changes & modifications, not to mention that it helped Steve win significantly more auctions.

Fast forward another couple of months, and a significant amount of money and man hours testing & refining, the final “public ready” version of Bid-Ninja was here…and we present it here to you today.  A “battlefield” tested software that gives it’s users the data they need at an instant to gain an advantage over their competition on Quibids…we call it Bid-Ninja, and after you use it, you’ll probably call it “the software you can’t play on Quibids without”.  Since the rollout of Bid-Ninja and it initially only support QuiBids, three other penny auction sites have been rolled out within the software.  MadBid, DealDash and Beezid are all now supported so those looking to enhance their gameplay and build a better strategy on any of these top 4 sites can do so by simply getting the free Bid-Ninja software.


All of the merchandise in the pictures below, was won on Quibids

(we obviously can’t guarantee that these results are typical, as how well you do on Quibids and the merchandise you’ll win has to do with the amount of effort you put into it, the money you’re willing to spend and the strategies you employ.  Bid-Ninja is simply a tool to help you.)

Merchandise Won on Quibids

Merchandise Won on Quibids 2