Bid-Ninja 1 Cent Sale – Something You’re Finally Guaranteed to Get for Just a Penny!

Something Guaranteed for Just One Penny!

We’re excited to announce that you can get Bid-Ninja for just 1 cent (for QuiBids or MadBid only) on our sale page here:

This sale ends at 11:59pm EST on the 28th of May, so you don’t have long!

You now have the chance to have the most powerful software in existence (for just a penny!) so that you’re armed with the best information to slice through your competition with ease!


Our existing users already know that using our software means you get to see & know information that nobody else does.  If you’re playing without Bid-Ninja, odds are you’re currently losing auctions to the people who are using it.

Don’t let that happen any longer, get Bid-Ninja right now for just a penny right here and see for yourself just how powerful a tool it really is.  Let Bid-Ninja be the weapon you use from here on out to slice through your competition so you can walk away a winner!