Bid-Ninja brief tutorial:

As you know Quibids auctions move at a fast pace. The Bid-Ninja App will help you analyze auctions, users and items with real time data to help you time entry in to an auction and significantly increase your chances of winning more.

If you are a free trial user it is imperative you take the time to read this because the amount of data you have available is a bit overwhelming and this brief guide will help you understand and analyze the data.

1.) What you are looking at.

Bid-ninja data is sorted by most recent bid. This is the best and most accurate way to watch and keep track of auctions. It is recommended you watch the auction in this format always.

2.) Know who you are playing against. We have color coded users based on wins and losses. In the near future this will expand and users will be ranked user an algorithm that takes numerous different statistics into account.

Green users: Beginners
Yellow: Intermediate
Orange: Intermediate to advanced
Red: Expert users

You will normally see all types of users in auctions. Don’t be intimidates by more advanced users. if you don’t bid you can’t win. Timing entry in to an auction is important. If you are not starting from the beginning you will need to watch for the perfect time to jump in. If an auction has 10+ users it is highly unlikely it wont be ending. If numerous other users also jump in when someone is about to purchase an item be attentive and research their win, loss history to see if they are willing to go all the way or they are just going to “hit and run.” Paid subscribers will get access to additional strategies on timing on how to bid against certain users.

3.) Bid Vouchers: You want to know if someone you are bidding against is using bid vouchers or is bidding with straight bids. First look all the way to the end of bid-ninja to see if a user has won or lost bid voucher auctions. Next go to the last tab in the software to see how many bid vouchers they have used. Our software only tracks bid vouchers used on won auctions. You will see some users with none are a few bids and some users with 10,000+ bid vouchers used. Purchase our software for a more advanced analysis of strategies on how to play against these users.

4.) Bid-Ninja accuracy: Depending on how fast an auction, how many auctions are live on Quibids, or Bid-Ninja service outages it is always important to analyze the accuracy of our software for an item. High pace auctions such as Ipads or high dollar items many users can bid at the last second and it is impossible to gather all that data. To determine how accurate an auction data is periodically check accuracy by clicking on the “bidding history” tab. Look at the figure at the bottom right corner of Bid-Ninja. This “figure is the amount of bids tracked. For instance an auction that is at $50.00 and has a figure of 4,500 at the bottom right corner means that 90 percent of all bids are being tracked. Take this 10% variance in to account when watching for a user total bid spend. You should always be attentive when someone is close to “purchasing” or as we say “bidding out”. In my experience I have seen many auctions end abruptly and the user “bidding out” winning for little or no profit. Make sure this doesn’t happen by single bidding until its time to start your “bid-o-matic.” In the detailed tutorial available for purchase we talk about “waves of bidders” and bid strategy for users that are “bidding out”.

I hope the above is a good start at helping you win more auctions on Quibids. We also hope your use of the Bid-Ninja application is enjoyable and we hope you find it useful. Paid users can access the additional tips and strategies in the private mermbers section of the bid-ninja website.