Bid-Ninja Has Selected the Winners of the Over $350 in Prizes Giveaway Contest & They Are…

We here at the Bid-Ninja office held a contest, the winners of which would each get their share of over $350 in prizes.  You can read about the Bid-Ninja Contest here.

Congratulations to the Winners!

Due to the lack of a participation in voting on the entries we have selected the entries ourselves based on the quality of each of them (as we mentioned we might do in the rules).

Here are the winners of the contest:

1st Place Grand Prize Winner ($100 Visa Gift Card) – FlyingQiBall  for Thread: Use Bid Ninja to Decide: Gun’s Blazing or Walk Away!

2nd Place Winner ($50 Visa Gift Card) – Deborah  for Thread: Winning with Bid-Ninja

3rd Place Winner ($50 Visa Gift Card) – designerbidder for Thread: Using BidNinja for awesome wins.

4th Place Winner (Analytics or AutoBidder Subscription) – berettaindy37 for Thread: Up to 1200 free bids a year on Quibids, sorry admin better than you $15 tip 🙂 (it’s worth noting that had this user also included a strategy on how to use this in combination with Bid-Ninja and posted it in the “Strategies When Using Bid-Ninja” forum instead of the “Strategies Without Bid-Ninja” forum, he likely would have won first place, as this tip alone is excellent (it would have depended on the strategy included of course)

5th Place Winner (Analytics or AutoBidder Subscription) – bidninja159  for Thread: The #1 strategy my experience with Quibids has taught me is…

6th Place Winner (Analytics or AutoBidder Subscription) – jodiann12 for Thread: Sid Kal’s Secret Strategies for Being a Successful Bidder on QuiBids

Thanks to all who entered!  We hope that during our next contest we’ll get more people who participate!