Get a Sneak Peak at the New Bid-Ninja Features…Get Ready for the Goldrush!

Want a sneak peek of the new features we’ll be rolling out for Bid-Ninja users that make Quibids’ new “Locked Auctions” an absolute goldmine?

We thought so!  You can check out the screenshots and details of the upcoming upgrades we’ll soon be rolling out to our users here.

We know that the Quibids landscape has changed drastically since the rollout of these new locked auctions and some people have been left scratching their heads working out new strategies (er, rather, attempting to).  Well as always, we’ve got your back!  These new changes Quibids made, in combination with the changes we’ll be releasing in the near future for our Bid-Ninjas are actually going to make winning EVEN EASIER than before, no joke.

Now while the upgrades we go over on this page are literally going to blow your mind…we’ve got a few more up our sleeve that are too powerful (even more so than what is shared on that page above) for us to share publicly right now.  We’re still working out a plan on how to secretly share it exclusively with paid users without it “leaking” to the public.

Don’t forget that even in addition to all of that, we’re also rolling out support for DealDash and Beezid.  Those on the pre-registrations lists for the DealDash Release and Beezid Release are getting something very special (you can see what on those pages).

As a warning, because of all of these upgrades, the cost of Bid-Ninja is going to go up.  Those who are already paid customers or become paid customers before the release of these features will be “locked in” at the current price though…everybody else will have to shell out a bit extra.

We are so excited we can barely contain ourselves…hold onto your seat because this is going to be a wild ride!

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    • Bid-Ninja
      Bid-Ninja says:

      We anticipate the new features to be released very very soon. We’re actively (and thoroughly) testing all of the new Quibids Locked Auction features within our software literally as we speak.

      We don’t want to release anything that is “half baked” so to speak, as customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us.

      We are looking to launch the new features prior to October 30th, so keep an eye out.

      Thanks for your interest!

      The Bid-Ninja Team

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