awesome penny auction site

Have You Heard That Bid-Ninja is Working On Supporting This Awesome Penny Auction Site?

You may or may not have already heard, but we’ve been working on making a decision about which penny auction to begin supporting within the Bid-Ninja software next…and after countless hours of research making sure they deliver on time, have a great product selection, have a site that is fun to play on, have perfect customer service and a lot of other things (you know, all the things that make a penny auction site the “cream of the crop” so to speak) we’ve made our decision.

You’ll be excited to hear that Bid-Ninja is now working on rolling out support for…drumroll please…HappyBidDay!!!

We’ve had a TON of requests from our existing users to begin supporting them, but have held off until we were able to do our research thoroughly & completely.  We’re thrilled that we will soon support another top tier penny auction site like theirs.

penny auction site visit button

You can check out their site here and more importantly, by using that link, you’ll have the opportunity to take advantage of their “bid ’till you win” offer, which is you buy your first bid pack and if you don’t win your first auction before those bids run out, you’ll be continuously given more bids until you DO win your first auction!  How incredible is that?!?!

This makes the first time you go to check out this really great site entirely risk free for you, as your first win is effectively “guaranteed”.

Now since we have a relationship with this site, if you do sign up, we will receive a “reward” for you doing so, but we assure you that we have checked out their site thoroughly and we feel you’re going to be incredibly impressed with every aspect of their site, which is exactly why at this very moment we’re working on incorporating support for their site into the Bid-Ninja software!

So go ahead and get to it, check them out here right now and get your essentially unlimited bids until you win your first auction!