Bid-Ninja solves Quibids Locked Auctions

Winning on Quibids - Locked Autions

How Locked Auctions Changed Everything!

Starting in 2013

Quibids rolled out the “locked auction” feature back in 2013. At the time, power bidders were winning most Quibids penny auctions while those new to online penny auctions were getting extremely discouraged. In order to give thousands of us average bidders a fighting chance, the Oklahoma based penny auction giant, listened to its customers and took action! Here’s how the company explains Quibids Locked Auctions on their website.

The entitled post “Winning Just Got Easier” is still spot on. Specifically, the Quibids locked auctions feature still makes it easier for non power bidders to also win on Quibids, including a lot of Bid-Ninja customers.

The gist of that post explained that having a locking mechanism on Quibids auctions would prevent players from “jumping” into the auction after a certain point. This meant that players couldn’t stay on the sidelines watching bidder after bidder fall out then “jump in” towards the end of the auction. Quibids happy or most auction players. So, every bidder was forced to place at one or more bids before the auction locks. The number of bids required to prevent lockout was not the same on every penny auction.

BidBuddy to the rescue

Bid-Ninja was quick to understand the Quibids code and design an easy, automated solution to prevent getting locked out. We immediately told our customers how many bids were needed to prevent lockout and which bidders had been locked out. This way, those locked out bidders could no longer place bids and obviously not a threat to compete for the auction product.

Moreover, Bid-Ninja comes loaded with BidBuddy a powerful, yet easy-to-use, auto-bidding tool. This “friendly auto-bidder” allows users to place the minimum amount of bids necessary to prevent being locked out of any Quibids penny auction! Our customers can stay focused on winning more auctions rather than worry about “jumpers” and how many bids before lockout.

In other words, those bidders using Bid-Ninja will be able to see how many eligible bidders are left to place bids in the auction, once the auctions locks. You’ll also be able to see how many bids each of those eligible players have remaining. This last stat is important because it shows if a bidder has spent more than the suggested retail price, and can therefore no longer bid.

Smart choice

Quibids decision to start locked auctions, a few years ago made playing penny auctions much better and more fun for the vast majority of its users. It also prompted other penny auction sites to enact similar measures. For example, read the post “No More Bidders” auctions on DealDash. Locked auctions forced bidders to reexamine their strategies to make sure they were not getting locked out of auctions. And by so doing, created better all around players and more competitive and fun user experiences!

Happy bidding to all and a special shoutout to ALL BID-NINJAS!