Bid-Ninja solves Quibids Locked Auctions

Winning on Quibids - Locked Autions

How Locked Auctions Changed Everything!

In 2019, most penny auction players are at least somewhat familiar with Locked Auctions, but back in 2013 when Quibids rolled out the feature it was a novel concept designed to make winning easier for thousands of us average Quibids bidders (rather than letting the power bidders win everything. Take a look at how Quibids explains Quibids Locked Auctions on their website.

The entitled post “Winning Just Got Easier” is still spot on. Specifically, the Quibids locked auctions feature, which was implemented back in 2013, still makes it easier for those non power bidders to also win on Quibids, including a whole lot of Bid-Ninja users!

Anyway, the gist of that Quibids post is that they’re now locking all auctions to prevent other players from “jumping” into the auction after a certain point. The only way you won’t be locked out, is if you meet one of two criteria (and no, just placing a bid at the beginning of the auction will NOT prevent them from locking you out…it’s a far more intricate process than that).

Anyway, we know what the specifics are to prevent being locked out when the auction does “get locked” by Quibids, which means Bid-Ninja will not only be able to keep you notified about how many bids you need to place or when you need to bid to NOT be locked out of an auction, but Bid-Ninja will also be able to show you which other players have already been locked out and no longer can place bids on the auction!  What’s even better, Bid-Ninja’s BidBuddy® includes an additional auto-bidding option that if checked, will ensure that it places just the minimum amount of bids necessary to prevent you from being locked out of any auction!

This is HUGE…not only are you not going to have to worry about “jumpers” anymore, but you’ll know exactly which players that had placed bids at some point in the auction are no longer are allowed to place bids any more.

In other words…and read this carefully…once the auction locks, if you’re using Bid-Ninja, you’ll be able to actually SEE the EXACT number of bidders left that are eligible to place bids on the auction…what’s more, you’ll be able to see how many bids each of those eligible players have already placed and how many they have left before they’ll have “purchased” the item and can no longer place bids.

Quibids decision to start locked auctions, a few years ago made playing penny auctions much better and more fun for the vast majority of its users. It also prompted other penny auction sites to enact similar measures (such as “No More Bidders” auctions on DealDash). These locked auctions forced bidders to reexamine their strategies to make sure they were not getting locked out of auctions. And by so doing, created better all around players and more competitive and fun user experiences!

Happy bidding to all and a special shoutout to ALL BID-NINJAS!