BidProApp vs Bid-Ninja

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In the Short Demo Video Below, You Can See Just How Bid-Ninja Will Allow You to Win More Auctions on Quibids Using Less Bids.

If you don’t want to watch the video you can read more about Bid-Ninja and see screenshots below.

When you’re playing in an auction on Quibids, there are other bidders in the auction…well Bid-Ninja shows it’s users, in real time, the following information about every one of those other bidders as well as information about the product you’re playing for in that auction. You’ll see things like (this is a summarized list. You can see a complete list here: Software Features ):

Information Bid-Ninja Gives You

  • Every players total number of wins & auctions played in
  • Every players “win rate” (what percent of the time a player wins the auction they are bidding on)
  • If a competing player is using voucher bids or real bids
  • If a competing player is about to run out of bids or “timeout”
  • Every players net gain/loss since they started playing on Quibids
  • Every other auction any given player is playing in at any moment (great for checking to see if they are “overextending” themselves
  • The best day and hour to play for a specific product to win at the lowest price
  • Every product a player has ever won or lost (and a link to each one!)
  • A ranking system for every competing bidder, showing you how difficult every other bidder is to beat
  • And much more. For a complete list of everything Bid-Ninja can do and what it shows you about any bidder & product (accompanied by screenshots & videos of Bid-Ninja), check out the full set of Software Features

We have all of this information because our cloud servers monitor Quibids 24/7/365. We track every bid placed on every auction by every player.

The best way to get acquainted with Bid-Ninja and to start winning more auctions, is to use it. So go ahead and install Bid-Ninja for Chrome or Bid-Ninja for Firefox then browse any Quibids auction and see what you’ve been missing!

Know Your Competition

With Bid-Ninja, you’ll know everything about your competitors and the products being auctioned off. This valuable information is just what you need to bid smarter and win more auctions. Bid-Ninja is the only software that offers an advanced statistical analysis for every product and player on Quibids.

Use Bid-Ninja and start winning more on Quibids, today!

You wouldn’t buy stock in a company you know nothing about, would you? Of course not. You do your research and use every tool you can find to make an educated purchase decision. Well, the same goes for playing on Quibids. Don’t bid blindly. Let Bid-Ninja provide you with best information about your auction competition and the products being auctioned off, so you can BID SMARTER!

Bid-Ninja is FREE

SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?  You’re going to play on Quibids anyway and Bid-Ninja basic won’t cost you a penny. Make the smart decision and begin slicing through your auction competition!

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