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DealDash Thanksgiving Day Special

Feast On This DealDash Thanksgiving Special

Bid-Ninja would like to wish everyone — whether you’re a fellow Bid-Ninja or not, a very Happy Thanksgiving! In keeping with the holiday spirit, we also want to remind you about the following Special Thanksgiving offer taking place on today:

Although bids are currently 12¢ each, this special price is only good for approximately another 12 hours. So, if you want to save money on DealDash bids and need a break from Uncle Joe’s ridiculous (but kind of funny) Thanksgiving Day antics … hurry up. The clock is ticking, literally!

There’s a ton of action taking place on DealDash these days. In fact, there are currently over 175 live auctions. This may sound very cliche, but there is something for everyone. One of the most popular auction categories is “Cars.” Right now amazing DealDash car auctions include a 2019 Chevrolet Sonic LS in Nightfall Gray Metallic, Ford Mustang EcoBoost® Fastback in Ruby Red, and 2018 Jeep Renegade Sport 4×2 – Omaha Orange. The image below shows a list of live DealDash car auctions taking place today:

Car Auctions on

Live Car Auctions on – November 22, 2018

For those players who prefer the Electronics & Computers category, there is plenty to choose from. How about an Apple 21.4 inch iMac boasting and impressive Intel Core i5 processor running at 3.0Ghz and has 8GB of memory and a 1TB hard-drive or an Apple® iPhone XS 256GB (Silver + Verdict and comes with cables).

If you’re more the photographer type or just want to capture Uncle Joe passed out on the couch, you have to play for the Canon EOS Rebel T6 (18 Megapixel Digital SLR Camera with Lens – 18 mm – 55 mm (Lens 1), 75 mm – 300 mm (Lens 2) – Black) or the Veho – Muvi KZ-1 1080p Dash Camera with GPS Tracking. The image below shows a list of live DealDash electronic and computer auctions taking place this Thanksgiving Day:

DealDash Computer & Electronic Auctions

DealDash Computer & Electronic Auctions – November 22, 2018

If cars or electronics aren’t your cup of tea, DealDash offers auctions in several other categories, including: Fashion, Health, & Beauty; Gift Cards (after all, who doesn’t need a gift card?!); Hobbies, Toys, Outdoors & Games; Home, Garden, & Tools; and Kitchen & Dining. Regular DealDash players might find bid packs auctions fun and valuable.

Like we said at the beginning … there is an auction for everyone! So get going now — have fun and WIN a DealDash Auction today!

Wishing You a Very Happy & Healthy Thanksgiving!

The Bid-Ninja Team
Playing Penny Auction Trends

Penny Auction Trends

Online Auction Trends

Online auctions have grown in popularity since eBay was founded in 1995. While eBay has become a household name and other traditional auction houses, including giants Sotheby’s and Christie’s have joined the party, perhaps the most exciting space in online auctions is penny auctions. The prospect of saving money is certainly a primary objective for consumers who participate in any online auction. Entertainment is an equally strong motivation for many online auction participants. For these individuals, penny auctions offer highly competitive, fast-paced live auctions around the clock that are uber entertaining.

Like all industries, market demand determines winners and losers. While quite a few penny auctions that have come and gone – most notably– Beezid (you may remember this is the company that paid $25,000 for Lindsey Lohan’s 14-second YouTube ad while she was under house arrest), two mainstays, DealDash and QuiBids are the undeniable penny auction leaders. Both companies have been around since 2009, have loyal customer bases, and appear to be sound companies. For years QuiBids was the largest penny auction site until 2016, when DealDash overtook QuiBids in the United States.

How Do Penny Auctions Work?

Unlike, traditional auctions, penny auctions are pay-to-play, meaning that users need to purchase bids ahead of time then use one bid for every new bid placed. All penny auctions start at $0 and there is an auction counter that lets all players know when the auction is scheduled to close. Every bid a user places subtracts one bid from his/her balance and increases the price of the auction one penny. In a penny auction, once the auction timer reaches 10 seconds remaining, every bid will reset the timer 10 seconds. Each player must then decide in this short 10 second window whether to place a new bid to outbid the previous high bidder. If no new bids are placed, the final bidder wins the penny auction at the final sales price. Sounds easy, but it’s not.

Winning on DealDash and QuiBids

Both websites have two features designed to prevent a user from leaving empty-handed. A Buy-It-Now option allows bidders who do not win an auction to purchase the item outright and get all their bids back! Essentially, the user gets the item for the listed price and all bids spent in that auction are returned to the user’s account. Terms vary, so check out the links describing how the DealDash Buy-It-Now and QuiBids Buy-It-Now work.

The bottom line is that if you want to win more auctions on DealDash and QuiBids, you’ll need to thoroughly educate yourself on the nuances of each site, the products being auctioned, and knowing your competition (i.e., the other players). It may sound cliché, but a little homework goes a long way towards winning more auctions.

DealDash | Buy-It-Now Program | Buy-It-Now Program directions

Another cool program designed to reassure new players, is a guarantee to win program. Like the Buy-It-Now feature, the guarantee to win terms do vary by site. Again, it’s best to take a look for yourself at DealDash Guarantee and QuiBids Guarantee.

QuiBids | Guaranteed Win Program

QuiBids | Guaranteed Win Program

Caveat Emptor

When it comes to playing online penny auctions, I’d like to offer a caveat. Most penny auctions players will experience a full spectrum of emotions, ranging from absolute joy and exhilaration after winning to utter disappointment after just missing out. While these emotions may be felt after winning/losing a traditional auction, these feelings are much more pronounced in penny auctions – in my opinion. Perhaps the tagline from ABC’s Wide World of Sports sums it up best: The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat!

Stay tuned, in our next blog post we’ll get into the product-mix offered by DealDash and QuiBids, respectively. Product-mix is probably the most important factor when deciding which online penny auction site to play.

Happy Bidding Fellow Bid-Ninjas!

MadBid Closes Its Doors

Where In The World Is Madbid?

Madbid users around the globe have been wondering and asking themselves what happened to the longtime U.K.-based penny auction site Madbid?

Madbid was founded in 2008 and owned by parent company Marcandi Ltd, which itself is wholly owned by Jersey-registered firm Keyword Group Ltd. In 2009, raised approximately $6 million in venture capital money from Atomico to launch Madbid throughout Europe. In addition to the United Kingdom, MadBid operated websites in these nine other European countries: Austria, Germany, Ireland, Italy, France, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, and Turkey. Madbid also had auction sites in Australia, India, and the United States.

Back in 2016, MadBid’s Americans and Canadian users were informed that Madbid had “paused its operations in the United States.” Absent the normally colorful homepage showing off multiple simultaneously occurring live auctions was the following popup message on a solid light gray background:

madbid-has-paused-us-operations Has Paused Operations in the United States

That was it. No further explanation provided. After establishing U.S. operations just two year years earlier with a huge splash, Europe’s largest penny auction site, left with a whimper. Some surmised that Madbid’s failure in the States was a result of misreading the American market, while others believed the company had financially over extended themselves by expanding too quickly. Perhaps neither explanation was correct …

On June 28, 2018, Madbid users across the Atlantic learned that their favorite penny auction website went into administration (something akin to Chapter 11 in the United States). The nail in the coffin occurred when Europe’s highest court ruled against Madbid in a tax dispute, as reported in the Courthouse News Service article UK Prevails in Tax Dispute With Penny-Auction Site Madbid.

Ultimately, it appears that Madbid’s demise resulted from its inability to pay the additional and significant taxes imposed by the EU court. Their business model was never setup to account for these massive taxes. American and Canadian penny auction players may find comfort knowing that the circumstances under which Madbid closed its doors are significantly different circumstances to those on this side of the Atlantic. Specifically, respective tax laws and interpretations by courts thereof.

While certainly there have been other penny auction sites that have come and gone, aside from Madbid and Beezid, most have been much smaller startups. All is not doom and gloom in the world of penny auctions … far from it! Two long running giants in the space — QuiBids and DealDash seem to be strong as ever. Quibids continues to auction many name brand items and gift cards and DealDash average 100+ simultaneous auctions daily.

So let’s close (no pun intended) on a positive note. The screenshot below shows the live auctions taking place at this very moment (November 6, 2018 at 5:15 pm ET) on that includes many, very awesome automobiles!

DealDash Live Auctions including cars!

DealDash Live Auctions With Many Automobiles | 11-6-2018 @ 5:15pm ET

Happy Bidding fellow Bid-Ninjas.

Remember it’s Election Day, so if you haven’t done so yet … GO VOTE!!!!!!

Win a $50 Amazon, iTunes, or Target Gift Card for the Holidays

Win a $50 Gift Card for Amazon, iTunes, and Target

The holidays are just around the corner, so we thought why not create an opportunity to win something special! That’s why we’re giving away $150 in gift cards, starting today.

Win a $50 Amazon, iTunes, or Target Gift Card for the Holidays

Bid-Ninja is giving away $150 worth of gift cards!

Our giveaway requires no purchase! While many penny auctions sites, such as DealDash, QuiBids, MadBid UK, and PrimaBids, auction off plenty of gift cards, they require you to use valuable bids in order to win. Well, not here! For this special giveaway all you need to do is enter to have a chance to win:

$50 Amazon, iTunes, or Target Gift Card

Enter for a Chance to Win $50 Amazon, iTunes, or Target Gift Card

Who knows … You could be one of three lucky winners and get have a $50 Amazon, iTunes, or Target gift card to spend on holiday gift shopping! And to make things easy here’s all you have to do.

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It’s that easy!

And remember, sharing is caring. When you share with your friends for them to sign up, you’ll earn more chances to win. The more friends you get to sign up, the greater your chance you could buy them a nice gift AND still have some money for yourself when you win one of the gift cards.

Get started today by entering to win now. Remember, it’s free to enter. No bids required! No purchase required!

Wishing You a Happy, Healthy, & Safe Holiday Season

The Bid-Ninja Team


Gift-Card Friendly Penny Auction Site

Are you looking for more GIFT CARD AUCTIONS?

We hear from many of our users that they wish penny auction websites auctioned more GIFT CARDS!

Well, this brand new penny auction site does just that. Currently (October 19, 2017 @ 12:15 PM EST), there are gift cards from Amazon, Gap, Nike, Panera, Burger King, up for auction.  See for yourself below…

QuiBids Wall of Auctions

Since there are fewer competitors than the well-established sites, you’ll have chances to pick up some easy wins while there aren’t thousands of power bidders to compete against! Check out this new “gift-card friendly” site here: