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DealDash Thanksgiving Day Special

Feast On This DealDash Thanksgiving Special

Bid-Ninja would like to wish everyone — whether you’re a fellow Bid-Ninja or not, a very Happy Thanksgiving! In keeping with the holiday spirit, we also want to remind you about the following Special Thanksgiving offer taking place on today:

Although bids are currently 12¢ each, this special price is only good for approximately another 12 hours. So, if you want to save money on DealDash bids and need a break from Uncle Joe’s ridiculous (but kind of funny) Thanksgiving Day antics … hurry up. The clock is ticking, literally!

There’s a ton of action taking place on DealDash these days. In fact, there are currently over 175 live auctions. This may sound very cliche, but there is something for everyone. One of the most popular auction categories is “Cars.” Right now amazing DealDash car auctions include a 2019 Chevrolet Sonic LS in Nightfall Gray Metallic, Ford Mustang EcoBoost® Fastback in Ruby Red, and 2018 Jeep Renegade Sport 4×2 – Omaha Orange. The image below shows a list of live DealDash car auctions taking place today:

Car Auctions on

Live Car Auctions on – November 22, 2018

For those players who prefer the Electronics & Computers category, there is plenty to choose from. How about an Apple 21.4 inch iMac boasting and impressive Intel Core i5 processor running at 3.0Ghz and has 8GB of memory and a 1TB hard-drive or an Apple® iPhone XS 256GB (Silver + Verdict and comes with cables).

If you’re more the photographer type or just want to capture Uncle Joe passed out on the couch, you have to play for the Canon EOS Rebel T6 (18 Megapixel Digital SLR Camera with Lens – 18 mm – 55 mm (Lens 1), 75 mm – 300 mm (Lens 2) – Black) or the Veho – Muvi KZ-1 1080p Dash Camera with GPS Tracking. The image below shows a list of live DealDash electronic and computer auctions taking place this Thanksgiving Day:

DealDash Computer & Electronic Auctions

DealDash Computer & Electronic Auctions – November 22, 2018

If cars or electronics aren’t your cup of tea, DealDash offers auctions in several other categories, including: Fashion, Health, & Beauty; Gift Cards (after all, who doesn’t need a gift card?!); Hobbies, Toys, Outdoors & Games; Home, Garden, & Tools; and Kitchen & Dining. Regular DealDash players might find bid packs auctions fun and valuable.

Like we said at the beginning … there is an auction for everyone! So get going now — have fun and WIN a DealDash Auction today!

Wishing You a Very Happy & Healthy Thanksgiving!

The Bid-Ninja Team
Playing Penny Auction Trends

Penny Auction Trends

Online Auction Trends

Online auctions have grown in popularity since eBay was founded in 1995. While eBay has become a household name and other traditional auction houses, including giants Sotheby’s and Christie’s have joined the party, perhaps the most exciting space in online auctions is penny auctions. The prospect of saving money is certainly a primary objective for consumers who participate in any online auction. Entertainment is an equally strong motivation for many online auction participants. For these individuals, penny auctions offer highly competitive, fast-paced live auctions around the clock that are uber entertaining.

Like all industries, market demand determines winners and losers. While quite a few penny auctions that have come and gone – most notably– Beezid (you may remember this is the company that paid $25,000 for Lindsey Lohan’s 14-second YouTube ad while she was under house arrest), two mainstays, DealDash and QuiBids are the undeniable penny auction leaders. Both companies have been around since 2009, have loyal customer bases, and appear to be sound companies. For years QuiBids was the largest penny auction site until 2016, when DealDash overtook QuiBids in the United States.

How Do Penny Auctions Work?

Unlike, traditional auctions, penny auctions are pay-to-play, meaning that users need to purchase bids ahead of time then use one bid for every new bid placed. All penny auctions start at $0 and there is an auction counter that lets all players know when the auction is scheduled to close. Every bid a user places subtracts one bid from his/her balance and increases the price of the auction one penny. In a penny auction, once the auction timer reaches 10 seconds remaining, every bid will reset the timer 10 seconds. Each player must then decide in this short 10 second window whether to place a new bid to outbid the previous high bidder. If no new bids are placed, the final bidder wins the penny auction at the final sales price. Sounds easy, but it’s not.

Winning on DealDash and QuiBids

Both websites have two features designed to prevent a user from leaving empty-handed. A Buy-It-Now option allows bidders who do not win an auction to purchase the item outright and get all their bids back! Essentially, the user gets the item for the listed price and all bids spent in that auction are returned to the user’s account. Terms vary, so check out the links describing how the DealDash Buy-It-Now and QuiBids Buy-It-Now work.

The bottom line is that if you want to win more auctions on DealDash and QuiBids, you’ll need to thoroughly educate yourself on the nuances of each site, the products being auctioned, and knowing your competition (i.e., the other players). It may sound cliché, but a little homework goes a long way towards winning more auctions.

DealDash | Buy-It-Now Program | Buy-It-Now Program directions

Another cool program designed to reassure new players, is a guarantee to win program. Like the Buy-It-Now feature, the guarantee to win terms do vary by site. Again, it’s best to take a look for yourself at DealDash Guarantee and QuiBids Guarantee.

QuiBids | Guaranteed Win Program

QuiBids | Guaranteed Win Program

Caveat Emptor

When it comes to playing online penny auctions, I’d like to offer a caveat. Most penny auctions players will experience a full spectrum of emotions, ranging from absolute joy and exhilaration after winning to utter disappointment after just missing out. While these emotions may be felt after winning/losing a traditional auction, these feelings are much more pronounced in penny auctions – in my opinion. Perhaps the tagline from ABC’s Wide World of Sports sums it up best: The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat!

Stay tuned, in our next blog post we’ll get into the product-mix offered by DealDash and QuiBids, respectively. Product-mix is probably the most important factor when deciding which online penny auction site to play.

Happy Bidding Fellow Bid-Ninjas!

dealdash promotional sale banner

DealDash Might as Well be Giving Away Free Bids with This Promo

The guys over at DealDash must have temporarily lost their minds, because with this latest promotion of theirs, the bids might as well be free.  There is no coupon code needed or anything…you literally just show up and get bids at this absurdly low price:

dealdash promotional sale banner

We’re pretty big fans of DealDash and a sale like this only makes us love these guys even more…there is however one caveat…

Anytime that DealDash runs a promotion like this it means that the competition is going to be a little more fierce, as people are going to be armed to the teeth with more bids!  To be sure that you don’t just end up getting hammered you’re going to want to make sure you’re doing at least the following three things:

1 You’ve got to have enough bids in your account to make sure you can actually make it to the price the auction typically ends (not only in price, but when the bidders that you’re bidding against typically “fall off” the bidding bandwagon).  Of course the only way that you’re going to know that type of information is to make sure you’re following the next step…

2 Bid-Ninja! – That’s effectively the entire second step.  Alright, we’re being a little cheeky here but we’re not saying this for no reason.  How are you supposed to know when you should begin bidding?  How about when you should never bid before?  How would you know when the other bidders on the site typically call it quits on an auction or if they just so happen to be bidding on a type of auction that they win more than 50% of the time (indicating that this is obviously a favorite type of auction for them)?  The answer to all of these questions is of course by having Bid-Ninja.  There is no DealDash power bidder that isn’t using Bid-Ninja.

3 You’ve got to have a strategy.  Whether that strategy is a simple one or a complex multi-layered onion of a strategy, it doesn’t matter (well, it matters a bit), but the point remains the same.  Walking into an auction and randomly throwing a few bids around isn’t going to get you very far.  If you’ve got a strategy in place, you’ll be more vigilant with when & how you bid.  That’s the most important part of having the strategy in the first place…so you’ve got something to stick to and so that you know you aren’t bidding emotionally or because of ego!

Anyway, we just wanted to let you know that if you’re a bidder on DealDash and you want to get yourself what are effectively free bids at the current promotional price then head over before the sale ends.  We don’t know when it will end (for all we know it ended in the time it took us to write this blog post up) so you better hurry.

Barbecue Related Auctions on DealDash

Our DealDash Review…Tons of Users, Plenty of Auctions & Lots of Fun

There are a lot of new people looking for a review of DealDash as they are on the upswing with a ton of growth and new users arriving daily.  The public penny auction stats Bid-Ninja shows for DealDash (along with the other biggest names in penny auctions) has seen a tremendous amount of new incoming data.  Our leaderboard is constantly changing and there are so many auctions with new names showing as the winner.  Compare this to QuiBids where it seems that there are just a handful of the same winners lately and the choice of where to spend your money on bids is clear.

With this huge influx of bidders and new interest, a lot of people are looking for a review of DealDash because they want to be sure that it’s not a scam and/or if they’ll actually be able to win some of the auctions for the low prices they see in the advertisements for DealDash like the one below.

We here at Bid-Ninja pride ourselves on being able to help the penny auction players of the world win more auctions by bringing the best information to them (and we’ve been doing so for years).  There is no site or person out there with more data on penny auctions than us, and we can tell you unequivocally that DealDash is one of the very best sites to play on and you really can win auctions for name brand goods & electronics for pennies on the dollar…but don’t expect it to happen every time and without a little practice.

We are constantly getting tickets & emails from new users asking us if DealDash (along with QuiBids, MadBid, the now defunct Beezid, etc) are legitimate.  They of course are, however there are a few things you need to make sure you don’t do if you’re a newcomer to the “penny auction” scene, such as:

  • Think You’ll Win Every Time

    While playing on DealDash is fun and exciting (as it should be), you have to be prepared to lose some auctions…but that’s part of the fun too!  Don’t let a loss make you think you can’t win or that it’s some kind of elaborate setup.

  • Bid On Too Many Auctions with Too Few Bids

    A lot of people make the mistake of placing one or two bids on one auction, don’t win and then instead of sticking it out on that auction bounce over to another auction, place one or two bids without winning and then once again run off to another…and continue to repeat this cycle.  This is effectively giving away your bids.  To win on DealDash or any of the other penny auction sites, you’ll need to stick it out for the long haul.  Part of winning means showing your opponents that you’re not going to give up!

  • This isn’t just a shameless plug for Bid-Ninja…you really do need to know who you’re playing against and what type of bidder they are.  If you’re in an auction against 10 people who have all won a thousand auctions each and you just showed up to place that first shiny bid of yours, you can bet your bottom dollar (or penny) that they know that and they’re going to be trying to intimidate you.  If you’re just starting out make sure you know who you’re playing against and try to pick appropriate auctions.

  • Lose an Auction and Quit

    We see this constantly…people arrive at DealDash, buy the smallest available bid pack, pick an auction and bid their heart out and lose…then quit DealDash and penny auction playing altogether.  If that’s all your budget allows for doing, then it’s probably best to keep on moving.  Winning is a numbers game and you’ll absolutely have to play on multiple auctions to not only get the hang of it, but to win an auction.  Losing one single auction and then quitting altogether doesn’t make DealDash or any other site a scam, you simply didn’t play enough!

Barbecue Related Auctions on DealDash

So yes, our “review” of DealDash is really simple…they are one of the top notch penny auction sites to play on.  They have a huge selection, a very loyal following of users, great customer service, fast delivery and so on.  There isn’t really anything negative we have to say about them.  Most of the “bad reviews” you’ll find for DealDash have to do with users who were making one of the mistakes in our list above.  Bid-Ninja wouldn’t have all of the data we do for them if there weren’t thousands of very happy customers winning great merchandise for low prices every single day.

DealDash Statistics Available Free – Formulate the Best Strategy with Free Stats!

Once again Bid-Ninja has great news for our thousands and thousands of users…our DealDash statistics for all DealDash auctions, products & bidders are now searchable and viewable right on the Bid-Ninja website!  That means if you want to win on DealDash more often, you’ve now got two available tools to do it…the Bid-Ninja Software for DealDash AND the DealDash “onsite stats”

That’s right, now you can search our DealDash statistics database for usernames, auction ID’s or even products you’re interested in bidding on so you’re armed with the information you need to slice through your competition.  That means there are now “onsite website statistics” for 3 of the available 4 sites that Bid-Ninja supports.  View the homepage of the (now) QuiBids, MadBid & DealDash statistics here.

What’s more is we’ve brought this information to you in an incredibly “easy to digest” format.  There are four “areas” to this new addition to the Bid-Ninja product suite.  They are:

  • The “homepage” of the DealDash Stats – This area shows you the currently active auctions, the top 10 bidders on DealDash (by the number of bids placed), the latest ended auctions and lastly, the most “active” bidders that are currently placing bids across all auctions on DealDash (by how many bids they “have in play” across all auctions they’re bidding on)
  • A DealDash “Active Auctions” stats page (this linked to page won’t link to an “active auction” for long, since once the auction ends, the page type changes) – An “active auction” page shows you a ton of information from the latest bidders, how many total bidders there are, the current price, when it started, the bidders in the last 5 minutes, how long the auction has been running, historic prices for the product in the auction, how the prices are trending and much more
  • A DealDash “Bidders Stats” page – This page will show the total number of auctions a bidder is currently bidding on, the total number of bids they’ve placed since they started playing on DealDash, their win rate, the total number of auctions they’ve won & lost, the total number of auctions they’ve bid on and a list of their latest won & lost auctions
  • A DealDash “Product” Stats page – This page will show you the statistics for a PRODUCT that is sold on DealDash.  For example, the linked to page here takes you to a “135 Credit Auction” product and will show that Bid-Ninja has tracked over 2,800 auctions for this product, it’s average ending price, the best time of day to bid, the best day of the week to bid and even the best hour of the day to bid all based on historic data.  It even shows a list of the latest ended auctions for that product

Check out some of these screenshots, and then get started using it! DealDash Stats by Day of WeekDealDash user/bidder statisticsdealdash product trending stats over past 90 days

dealdash logo

Black Friday in June at DealDash

Black Friday in June at DealDash

Beginning tonight at exactly 5:00 p.m. ET, DealDash is having a Black Friday Sale during which they will hold 100 auctions at the same time. All of these auctions begin at no cost and there is no minimum reserve on any of them. While number of active auctions on DealDash varies depending upon the time of the day and the day of the week, it is safe to say there are never even close to 100 auctions at the same time! This will surely be a fun event to take peek at. If you want to do more than just take a peek, then consider this:

DealDash is having a Bid sale with all bids priced at 12 cents. This is a huge savings over their regular prices:

A 300 bid pack is regularly priced at $180, is now on sale for only $36.00
A 600 bid pack is regularly priced at $360, is now on sale for only $72.00
A 1200 bid pack is regularly priced at $720, is now on sale for only $144.00
A 2400 bid pack is regularly priced $1400, is now on sale for only $288.00

These sale prices represent an 80 percent savings over the regular prices!

The combination of the sale prices and the Black Friday event tonight make this a great time to use your Bid-Ninja and start bidding.

We wish all of our faithful Bid-Ninja customers good luck!!

The Bid-Ninja Team