DealDash High Growth | Lots of Auctions & Fun!

With the high rate of growth Dealdash has experienced in the United States the past couple of years, lots of people are looking for “fair and honest” reviews of the penny auction leader. Among those are many longtime players who normally play on other penny auction sites. Bid-Ninja online stats page has seen a tremendous amount of new incoming data. Our leaderboard is constantly changing and there are so many auctions with new names showing as the winner. Compare this to QuiBids where it seems that there are just a handful of the same winners lately and the choice of where to spend your money on bids is clear

While this may seem like a shameless plug for Bid-Ninja, you really do need to know who you’re playing against and the products you’re trying to win. When you first start playing, you’ll be competing against much more experienced bidders. These players know what it takes to win and what will scare off the competition and what will not. The most successful of these players are known as power bidders and can spot a newbie who’s just showed up to place their first shiny bid – from a mile away!

You can bet your bottom dollar (or penny) that they will immediately try to intimidate you to get you to quit. Although this intimidation often works on new auction players, you can take steps to fight back. Specifically, if you install the free Bid-Ninja software in your browser, you’ll quickly see all bids placed by bidder for any auction, the experience level of any player and his/her bidding history. If you opt for a premium subscription, you’ll get even more in depth stats and analytics, such as how many auctions a player has won, their win rate, average bid spend, and which auctions provide the best chances to win (by day of the week and time of the day ). Okay, now back to the topic of this blog …

Growth Factors

There are several factors responsible for Dealdash’s continued growth. Firstly, the site offers many auctions each day. This point alone means the site provides better opportunities to win for players of all skill levels. Secondly, Dealdash penny auctions often feature the company’s own brands such as Bolvaint, Kamikoto, The Barrel Shack. While not as well known as the branded products they also auction, these are quality products. Additionally, Dealdash customer service is excellent. And finally, Dealdash aggressively promotes their site with television advertisements like the one below:

How to Win on Dealdash

We are constantly getting tickets & emails from new users asking us if DealDash (along with QuiBids, and now defunct MadBid and Beezid) are legitimate. They of course are. There are a few things to keep in mind to the “penny auction” scene, especially if you’re a newcomer:

You Won’t Be The Highest Bidder Every Time

While playing on DealDash is fun and exciting (as it should be), you have to be prepared to lose some auctions…but that’s part of the fun too! Don’t let a loss make you think you can’t win or that it’s some kind of elaborate setup.
Don’t Bid On Too Many Auctions, Simultaneously
Dealdash’s online auction site offers many awesome products! But bidding on every auction at the same time is a recipe for disaster. You will end up spreading yourself too thin. Even for those bidders with “deep pockets,” it’s best to limit the number of live auctions you’re playing to 2-3.

Buy Bids Before the Actions Start

It is important that you start bidding with enough bids in your account. This seems pretty obvious, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen players lose because they ran out of bids and didn’t by more bids quickly enough. This does not mean that you should continue to buy bids beyond what you can afford. We are suggesting only that you determine how many bids you are willing to spend on a given auction before it starts. This amount should be less than the cost of purchasing the item at its retail price. Finally, make sure you have at least this number of bids in your account prior to the auction’s starts.

Try Not To Get Discouraged

A lot of people make the mistake of placing one or two bids on one auction, don’t win then jump over to the next auction and do the same thing. continue to repeat this cycle. This is effectively giving away your bids. To win on DealDash or any of the other penny auction sites, you’ll need to stick it out for the long haul. Part of winning means showing your opponents that you’re not going to give up!. Again, we are not suggesting that you remain in an auction until you either win or lose all your money! Aside from the fun of playing penny auctions, you are most likely trying to save money on products. As we mentioned previously, set a limit for each auction and stick to it.

Set Realistic Expectations

Although setting realistic expectations is somewhat similar to the previous “try not to get discouraged” point. There is a big difference, however. Often, people arrive at with little or no knowledge of what it is or how to play. In fact, we hear stories all the time how someone began playing immediately after clicking on an online ad or watching a Dealdash commercial without much thought. They simply buy the smallest available bid pack, pick an auction, and start bidding. We all know how that ends up! Unfortunately, many of these same people convinced themselves “if that person can win, so can I” – of course, not taking into account that he/she didn’t win the very first penny auction they ever played.

Soon You’ll Hear: BIDDER WINS!

Having bid their heart out and lost, many of these players, decide to quit. Obviously, they set unrealistic expectations. As those of us who have been around penny auctions know, there is a learning curve. If you are not willing to put in some time to learn the process – or, if your budget only allows for throwing a few bids in once in awhile, it’s probably best to keep on moving.

Winning is a numbers game and you’ll absolutely have to play on multiple auctions to not only get the hang of it, but to win an auction. Losing one single auction then quitting altogether doesn’t make DealDash or any other penny auction site a scam, it simply means you didn’t play enough to learn how to win. For those individuals who put in a reasonable amount of time and set realistic expectations, it won’t be long until you see under your name: BIDDER WINS!

Barbecue Related Auctions on DealDash

Bottom Line: Lots of Auctions & Fun!

At Bid-Ninja we pride ourselves on being able to help penny auction players win more auctions by bringing the best information to them. We’ve been doing so since 2013). There is no site or person out there with more data on penny auctions than us, and we can tell you unequivocally that Deal Dash is one of the very best sites to play on and you really can win auctions for name brand goods & electronics for pennies on the dollar. But don’t expect it to happen every time and without a little practice. This is the same advice we give for any penny auction site.

So yes, our “review” of DealDash is really simple…they are one of the top notch penny auction sites to play on. They have a huge selection, a very loyal following of users, great customer service, fast delivery and so on. There isn’t really anything negative we have to say about them. Most of the “bad reviews” you’ll find for DealDash have to do with users who were making one of the mistakes in our list above. Bid-Ninja wouldn’t have all of the data we do for them if there weren’t thousands of very happy customers winning great merchandise for low prices every single day.

This isn’t just a shameless plug for Bid-Ninja…you really do need to know who you’re playing against and what type of bidder they are. If you’re in an auction against 10 people who have all won a thousand auctions each and you just showed up to place that first shiny bid of yours, you can bet your bottom dollar (or penny) that they know that and they’re going to be trying to intimidate your goal should be to save you. If you’re just starting out make sure you know who you’re playing against and try to pick appropriate auctions.

Best of luck in the auctions!

The Bid-Ninja Team