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“At first I was VERY skeptical about using Bid-Ninja. I was doing just fine on my own – winning about 20% of the auctions I played in and making a small profit. Why would I rock the boat?

Got to chatting with another power bidder who’d been using Bid-Ninja. Skeptical as always I told myself the guy was BS-ing me and must be working for Bid-Ninja! Over the next few weeks I made a point to go head to head many times. Even though I won several auctions the guy kicked my A**!!!

Pride wouldn’t let me try Bid-Ninja for months. Finally I did try it out and WOW! Bid history and user stats alone is worth every penny. Been a loyal Bid-Ninja subscriber for a year now and wish I hadn’t waited so long.

Some sage advice (I don’t mind tooting my own horn) – give Bid-Ninja a try and y’all will understand!”

RayPower Bidderhttps://

“I started playing penny auctions several years ago on two different sites, but took a break this past year. Research before an auction started was always a must for me. But yuck I really hated that part of it. Sooo BORING!!! :)  That is how I first stumbled across Bid-Ninja. I was looking for a way to keep and update information about fellow players and products in one place. Microsoft Excel and paper wasn’t cutting it. I noticed an app in the Chrome store called Bid-Ninja. My first reaction was ” What the hell is a Bid Ninja? Since the app is free (the basic version) and they offered a free trial for the premium version, I gave it a shot. It was amazing! My pre-auction prepwork took me minutes compared to 30-45 minutes beforehand.

It was the strangest thing … during the first few auctions I kept looking down at my notepad only to realize everything I needed was right in front of me on the computer. It still amazes me how they can do it.

Thanks Bid-Ninja! :)”

BettyPenny Auction Verteranhttps://