LIVE! Quibids Auctions

Winning Vouchers with Bid-Ninja

Nothing illegal or unethical about it. Bid-Ninja simply provides live user/auction stats and analytics to help Rob bid smarter! Watch as Rob wins a gift card with just two bids then uses the gift card to win 61 Quibids Voucher Bids!

  1. The first video shows how we used Bid-Ninja to win a gift card auction on Quibids for just two bids; and
  2. The second video shows how we turned that gift card into an additional 61 voucher bids on Quibids – for absolutely zero additional investment.
    (We recommend watching these videos in full-screen to see the details)

  • VIDEO ONE: Quibids Live Auction Win (2 Bids) for $25 Gift Card
  • VIDEO TWO: Winning 50 to 100 Voucher Bids for $15 or Less on

Be sure to check back for more videos showing Bid-Ninja in action!

Whether on Dealdash or Quibids, Bid-Ninja provides tools to help you win more penny auctions!

Happy Bidding!

The Bid-Ninja Team