Jack-O-Lantern - Scary and Fun


It’s really scary just how early the holiday shopping season begins these days. In an online article published by Forbes, retail analyst Walter Loeb believes “that the holiday sale period will start much earlier this year than ever before, with the promotional noise beginning in early October and growing deafening by Thanksgiving.” And we agree.

The days of having to wait until Black Friday – to get great deals, appears to be a thing of the past. Of course, Black Friday and Cyber Monday will continue to be huge shopping days that generate significant revenue. That said, according to a recent study by Accenture Consulting, “Sixty-four percent [of consumers] said they were shopping for holiday gifts throughout other times of the year.” The study, which was published on Fashionista.com, attribute this preference to “the rise of deal websites and Amazon Prime Day. On July 11, 2017, Amazon’s 3rd Annual Prime Day generated $2.4 billion in online sales.

Other “deal websites” are also showing incredible online sales growth. Penny auction sites, including QuiBids, DealDash, HappyBidday, PrimaBids, OrangeBidz, and MadBid, hope to join this upward trend. Although most of these websites have yet to ramp up for the 2017 holidays, we’re confident based on previous years that each of these sites will eventually soon get its spirit groove on with holiday themed promotions. While the majority of holiday promotions are Christmas themed, at least two penny auction sites have already decided to use this Halloween to launch special promotions. As part of Frightfest 2017, OrangeBidz is promising users:

  • Halloween giveaways
  • 5X auctions
  • Bids 13₵ each
  • Any bids purchased will be returned regardless who wins!
OrangeBidz Frightfest Exclusive 2017

Meanwhile, in celebration of Halloween, DealDash is having a month long Spooky Days of October promotion with lower priced bids – 13₵ each.

DealDash Spooky Days of October Promotion

365/24/7 online shopping

365/24/7 online shopping continues to provide consumers an abundance of opportunities to save during the holidays. In addition to early savings, Halloween can be a FUN (and SCARY) way to have some fun this holiday season!

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