As any real guide/strategy/tutorial is, this is little on the long side, but that’s because any good strategy to actually win more auctions on Quibids cannot be explained in just a sentence or two. The tips and strategies like you will receive (like what is written below) are hand written by a REAL quibids professional ($60k+ in spending with net winnings in the tens of thousands of dollars).

Anyway, let’s get to it:

The all new Bid-Ninja 2.0 plugin icon that you’ll see if you’re using Bid-Ninja within the Chrome browser, helps you jump in to the bidding easier and faster than ever before.

If you spend a lot of time on Quibids we all know how time consuming it can be to save all the auctions of the day to your favorites list. I have been playing on Quibids for almost three years now and Bid-Ninja has finally come up with a solution to help solve that problem and help you track and jump in on auctions at the click of your mouse.

We have developed the Bid-Ninja 2.0 auction tracker application. This handy plug-in tracks all live auctions on Quibids at any given time. What this means for you: No more having to save auctions to your watchlist, no more losing out on a bidding opportunity when auctions fall off the home page. We all know that after a certain amount of bidders or action Quibids will remove live auctions from their homepage. Now with the Bid-Ninja browser plug in all you have to do is click on the Bid-Ninja icon and there are all the live auctions ready to go! We show retail price, current bid price, active bidders and amount of bid-o-matics and single bidders.

You can easily determine the auctions that Quibids has removed from the public eye, by sorting the live auctions on Quibid (within the Bid-Ninja plugin window) by current price (high to low) by clicking on the “current price” header.

Look for the auctions that have very high prices, but only 5 or less recent bidders. Each day, there are PREMIUM auctions that will be at or very close to the “Maximum” ending price as tracked by Bid-Ninja, with only 4 or 5 bidders left. These auctions are the auctions that are no longer on Quibids homepage that nobody else can see…and therefore that nobody else can “jump in on”…except for you since you can see them!

As you watch these auctions you can time your entry by seeing how many people are presently bidding or using our tracking software to see when someone may bid out. In addition, we have millions of tracked auctions and historical data that you can review to determine when the best time to jump in is. We are developing a private members section with a detailed guide on how to win on Quibids and multiple strategies to significantly improve your win percentage.

Remember, that portion of the Bid-Ninja plugin, is completely free forever and requires no login details and your access to it will NEVER expire. In and of itself, that portion of the Bid-Ninja plugin can help make you a winner.

With the free Bid-Ninja browser plug-in, the Bid-Ninja tracking software as well as our private tutorial to bidding on Quibids you are bound to become a Bid-Ninja!