How to Win on Dealdash Using Bid-Ninja

Wondering How to Win on Dealdash?

Keep reading and we’ll tell you!

How to Win on Dealdash

We have an unedited & uncut video showing how we use Bid-Ninja to actually win an auction. We recorded the entire auction from start to finish and you’ll see us actually WIN the auction using our software. You can view the video here.
Below you’ll see everything Bid-Ninja shows you about every competitor & every product on DealDash! The elite players who win auctions on DealDash more often than anybody else are the players using Bid-Ninja. The upper hand you get knowing things nobody else does is astonishing.
When you are using Bid-Ninja and you browse to any DealDash auction, Bid-Ninja will seamlessly insert itself directly into the auction page showing you everything you need to see to win, right on the auction page itself and in real time! The best part? Bid-Ninja is 100% completely & totally undetectable to DealDash and your competitors. NOBODY will know how you’re getting the upper hand!

How Bid-Ninja Helps Win DealDash Auctions:

    • What the hidden auctions DealDash has removed from public view are (and the links to them so YOU can bid on them!)
    • When a competing bidder is about to run out of bids
    • If a competing bidder is using voucher bids or real “cash money” bids
    • The entire bid timeline (from start to finish) of any auction
    • The average ending price of any item on DealDash
    • The day of the week any item on DealDash sells for at the lowest dollar amount
    • What hour of the day any item on DealDash sells for at the lowest dollar amount
    • Any competing bidders net gain/loss since the day they placed their first bid on DealDash
    • How often any competing bidder wins the items they bid on (their “win rate”)
    • The number of voucher bids any competing player has and has used
    • A list of every auction any other player is currently bidding on
      …and an unbelievable amount more!

Bid-Ninja software is a free browser plugin that gives you an enormous leg up over your competition on DealDash by showing you secret information about every competing bidder and about every product on DealDash, in real time, right within the auction window on

It is able to do this because the Bid-Ninja servers constantly monitor (24/7/365) every bid made by every player on every auction on It has been “bid tracking” for over two years, and is continuing to do so even at this very second (it has even tracked every bid YOU have ever made and how much YOU have won!). It then uses a mountain of computing power to analyze that data and spits out to its users in a convenient and easy to read “heads up display” all of the information needed to actually win more auctions.

Bid-Ninja 3-1 App for DealDash


Advanced auction stats & analytics for Quibids and Dealdash, delivered right on each auction page. See more about Bid-Ninja Analytics.


Bid-Ninja’s proprietary auction bidding tool. You set the strategy and BidBuddy places the bids, automatically. See more about Bid-Ninja BidBuddy.

Auction Tracker

A list of all Dealdash penny auctions. See more about Bid-Ninja Auction Tracker.

At the end of the day, each auction on DealDash is a lot like the opportunity to buy stock for an individual company. You have the option to either invest your hard earned money in that company (bid on it) and at what price (when you start bidding), or you have the option to decide that company isn’t worth investing in (don’t bid on that auction).

Well, you wouldn’t invest your hard earned money buying stock in a company you know absolutely nothing about would you? Of course you wouldn’t! You’d do your due diligence and research whether or not you should be buying stock in that company or not. Well, the auctions on DealDash are no different! Bid-Ninja gives you all the information you need to make smart, intelligent and informed decisions!

If you just blindly going to start bidding on an auction without knowing the amount that auction typically ends at, or at what hour of the day is the best time to play, or when the other bidders are going to be forced to stop bidding and so on, then you might as well start picking stocks by throwing a dart at the Wall Street Journal too, because it’s the same thing!