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Welcome to Our Interactive Instructional Guide!

Here you'll be able to quickly find out just what you're looking at when you're using Bid-Ninja. Just follow the legend below and interact with the guide to answer any questions you have about what each tab, column and set of data means.


Please note, that the guide below is not a real Bid-Ninja interface. It is a fake interface made exclusively for the purpose of making it super easy for you to quickly understand Bid-Ninja. What you see below is actually an interactive screenshot of a Quibids auction opened up within Google Chrome with the Bid-Ninja browser plugin turned on. In the real user interface, you can sort all data by any column, make any column wider/thinner, scroll up/down, etc. You can not perform any of those actions in this interface. Also, THERE ARE NO RED OR BLUE SQUARES in the real user interface.



= You can mouseover any blue square to read a exactly what the corresponding column of data means. For instance, if you mouseover the blue square around "QuiBidder" you'll be told that column of data means the name of the bidder on the auction.


= You can mouseover any red square to read what that tab of the Bid-Ninja table will show you when it is clicked on. You can ALSO physically click any red tab to change the data beneath it, exposing a new set of columns & a new set of blue squares explaining what each one means.