Shhh … Before Everyone Else Finds Out

We’re pretty excited about this one, and you should be too! We know that since you’re on our list, you love penny auctions and the opportunity to get a great deal.

This brand new site offers both – there aren’t thousands of power bidders to compete against (yet) so scoring a big win is not only easier, but you can enjoy penny auctions the way they’re supposed to be enjoyed!

They’re offering a guaranteed first win with bids from your first bid pack purchase and all auctions always refund all bids used by the winning bidder. That’s right, if you win an auction (not just your first auction, but all auctions), you get all the bids you used to win that auction credited back to your account!

We’ve spoken personally with the owners, have personally used the site and can unequivocally vouch for their legitimacy.