Quell Your QuiBids Queries – Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions About QuiBids

Quibids is a humungous penny auction Website; it is larger than any other penny auction Website on the planet. If you haven’t yet heard about this phenomenon, you will be gob smacked by the amount of media coverage it has received – from places like Wired, Time, and Oprah magazine. Quibids is a big deal.

There is no doubt that the bargain hunters out there – and the risk takers – have been electronically lining up to try to win the products they covet at a Quibid auction. And why not? Recent ended auctions listed on the Quibid Website include a KitchenAid Artisan Mixer being won for 19.91 and an Apple MacBook Pro for just 75.60. There are compelling reasons to take Quibids out for a spin and see if they are for you. Read on for some answers to questions that might be formulating in your brain as you read this sentence.

Does it really cost only 60 cents to place a bid at Quibids?

It does – and it doesn’t. A new bidder, one who has just signed up at the Quibids Website, must buy a beginning package of bids, which means spending 60 dollars for 100 bids.  Have a look at our onsite QuiBids stats to see just what most users end up paying for each item auctioned off on quibids.
Once you have shrugged off your newbie cape, you still have to buy bids in bulk; 40 bids will cost you 24 dollars, 300 bids will cost you 180 dollars and so on. The more bids you buy, the cheaper each individual bid is.

Are the Quibid products new?

Quibid products are new and will arrive at your door in the original packaging and with all relevant warranties, should you win an auction. Their official Website notes that their products are overstock surpluses, wholesale stock, stock from warehouses that are closing down and the like.

Just how quick are the Quibid auctions?

The Quibid auctions do not disappoint when it comes to speed; except for special offers, they take just five minutes. Yes, that is five minutes of frantic bidding and the highest bidder at the exact moment when the auction closes takes home the prize.

Is it true that some bidders use robots to bid for them?

Some bidders are not satisfied with their manual dexterity and they use what are called Bid-O-Matic tools. These tools automatically place bids on behalf of their users. If you notice that a bidder is bidding with speed that seems beyond a human’s ability, stop bidding. You can start up again if the bidder suddenly slows down, she may have run out of bids.

Can you buy a product even though you lost the auction?

Quibids allows you to buy that Amazon Kindle Fire or those Oakley Batwolf sunglasses the retail price less the money you spend on your losing bids. This is an enticing offer, especially if you were going to buy the product whether you won it in an auction or not, as you can recoup some of your losses.

Can you really save up to 95% on products at Quibids?

If you are lucky enough to come out on top on a Quibids bidding war, you could pay as little as 5 % of the retail price of the product that you were bidding on. As this article is being written, there are several products being featured on the Quibid Website showing such savings. A Sony Bravia 55-inch LED TV went for 37.03 and an Xbox 360 Kinect bundle for 16.90.

Can I trust Quibids to ship me my hard-won product?

The Better Business Bureau gives the folks at Quibids a solid rating, which they would not do if there were unresolved customer complaints stacking up against the firm. Quibids likely works hard to keep this rating, as without it new customers would no doubt be more skeptical of their operation and commitments.

Are all Quibid auctions really penny auctions?

There are penny auctions at Quibid, meaning that it costs you a penny to place a bid; though there are other auctions that cost 5, 10, or 20 cents per bid: obviously, it is cheaper to stick to the real penny auctions. It seems that you do have to sign up at the Quibid Website to check out which auctions are true penny auctions and which are not.

In closing

If you type “Quibids” into Google or your go-to search engine, you will find countless articles, blog posts and ads about this mammoth Website. You will find that not all Quibid users are happy about their experiences at the penny auction Website, though you will find that some users cannot contain their pleasure. What is the real deal?

You have to experience Quibids to determine whether it is for you, and before doing this, it will be useful to put on your research hat and learn more about this way of auctioning coveted products. There are several blogs and consumer Websites that cover the action over at Quibids, take some time to read what they have to say.

If you have some money to spare, and you like a bargain, and you like the excitement of bidding at an auction, of not knowing whether you will win the prize you so want but being thrilled at the prospect you might, Quibids may be for you. The trick is not to throw money at Quibids auctions in a haphazard way but to choose you battles, go after only what you really want and do all that you can to get it. Happy bidding. For more information on Quibids don’t forget to check Wikipedia.org and Forbes.com