It's a fact that if you're not using this FREE software, you're losing auctions on Quibids to the players that are!
All screenshots/footage in the video is 100% real and is NOT faked! Watch this short 60 second video in full screen with sound to see & hear all the details you don't want to miss!
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You will be sent the Bid-Ninja software AND activated login details for Bid-Ninja. If you don't receive your password within 5 minutes, please submit a support ticket.

What Bid-Ninja Does & How it Helps You Win
We have an unedited & uncut video showing how we use Bid-Ninja to actually win an auction. We recorded the entire auction from start to finish and you'll see us actually WIN the auction using our software. You can view the video here.
Below you'll see everything Bid-Ninja shows you about every competitor & every product on Quibids! The elite players who win auctions on Quibids more often than anybody else are the players using Bid-Ninja. The upper hand you get knowing things nobody else does is astonishing.

When you are using Bid-Ninja and you browse to any Quibids auction, Bid-Ninja will seamlessly insert itself directly into the auction page showing you everything you need to see to win, right on the auction page itself and in real time! The best part? Bid-Ninja is 100% completely & totally undetectable to Quibids and your competitors. NOBODY will know how you're getting the upper hand!

You'll be able to see all of the following information, in real time, at a single glance:
  • When a QuiBids auction will "lock" before it ever does (no more wasting bids...just place a bid right before it locks)
  • Which bidders in an auction will be locked out of it when it locks or which bidders have already been locked out
  • Whether you're in danger of being locked out of an auction or not
  • What the hidden auctions Quibids has removed from public view are (and the links to them so YOU can bid on them!)
  • When a competing bidder is about to run out of bids
  • If a competing bidder is using voucher bids or real "cash money" bids
  • The entire bid timeline (from start to finish) of any auction
  • The average ending price of any item on Quibids
  • The day of the week any item on Quibids sells for at the lowest dollar amount
  • What hour of the day any item on Quibids sells for at the lowest dollar amount
  • Any competing bidders net gain/loss since the day they placed their first bid on Quibids
  • How often any competing bidder wins the items they bid on (their "win rate")
  • The number of voucher bids any competing player has and has used
  • A list of every auction any other player is currently bidding on
  • ...and an unbelievable amount more!
Screenshots & a "Live Action" Video of Bid-Ninja in Use on a Real Quibids Auction are Below

Bid-Ninja software is a free browser plugin that gives you an enormous leg up over your competition on Quibids by showing you secret information about every competing bidder and about every product on Quibids, in real time, right within the auction window on

It is able to do this because the Bid-Ninja servers constantly monitor (24/7/365) every bid made by every player on every auction on It has been "bid tracking" for over two years, and is continuing to do so even at this very second (it has even tracked every bid YOU have ever made and how much YOU have won!). It then uses a mountain of computing power to analyze that data and spits out to its users in a convenient and easy to read "heads up display" all of the information needed to actually win more auctions.

At the end of the day, each auction on Quibids is a lot like the opportunity to buy stock for an individual company. You have the option to either invest your hard earned money in that company (bid on it) and at what price (when you start bidding), or you have the option to decide that company isn't worth investing in (don't bid on that auction).

Well, you wouldn't invest your hard earned money buying stock in a company you know absolutely nothing about would you? Of course you wouldn't! You'd do your due diligence and research whether or not you should be buying stock in that company or not. Well, the auctions on Quibids are no different! Bid-Ninja gives you all the information you need to make smart, intelligent and informed decisions!

If you just blindly going to start bidding on an auction without knowing the amount that auction typically ends at, or at what hour of the day is the best time to play, or when the other bidders are going to be forced to stop bidding and so on, then you might as well start picking stocks by throwing a dart at the Wall Street Journal too, because it's the same thing!

The Bid-Ninja "Video Wall" - The Short Videos Below Will Answer Virtually Any Questions You Have About Bid-Ninja (screenshots are below videos)

We've "broken down" the Bid-Ninja software "bit by bit" into a number of short & concise videos below to answer almost any question you could have about any feature/function of Bid-Ninja. Just click the play button on any video and the video will automatically open in a larger size and in High Definition for ease of viewing.

Use & Demonstration of Forever Free Auction Tracker

Auction/Product Specific Stats - Tabs & Information Explained

Player/Bidder Specific Stats - Tabs & Information Explained

Bid-Ninja "Quibids Locked Auction" Features Demonstrated & Explained

How to Setup & Use AutoBidder - Configuration & Settings Explanation

Live Auction Win Using Bid-Ninja - Recorded from Start to Finish

Screenshots of Bid-Ninja in Action - You Won't Believe What You're Missing!
Click Any Screenshot Below to Make it Larger
Before & After Bid-Ninja
Auction Tracker to See Hidden Auctions
Bid-Ninja Auction Report - Latest
Bid-Ninja Auction Report - Trending
Bid-Ninja Auction Report - Daily
Bid-Ninja Auction Report - Hourly
Bid-Ninja Auction Report - Past Auctions
Bid-Ninja Auction Report - Bid History
Now Checkout the User Specific Data You Can See About ANY Player (Even Yourself!)
Bid-Ninja User Report - User Stats
Bid-Ninja User Report - Live Auctions
Bid-Ninja User Report - Wins & Losses
Bid-Ninja User Report - Voucher Stats
Stop bidding blind! As you can see, Bid-Ninja gives you the ultimate power to see & know everything about every product, every competitor & every auction Quibids has, in REAL TIME. Get the power to win...get Bid-Ninja!
If you start using Bid-Ninja today, you'll start winning auctions on Quibids today

By knowing more than your competitors do, you get a distinct advantage over's really that simple.

Imagine Some of the Following Scenarios:
  • If you could see a list of the hidden auctions on Quibids (quibids removes certain auctions from public view to "force" them to end and so that new bidders can't see them and jump in). Well, using Bid-Ninja you'd be able to see a list of ALL of these hidden auctions, and you'd be able to jump in on them when only 3 or 4 bidders are left, enabling you to literally snatch up the best auctions at stupidly low prices.

  • Knowing that a competing bidder is going to run out of bids 10 bids from'd be able to save yourself money by not starting to bid until you knew the other bidder was out of bids and no longer able to play!

  • There are two auctions for the same product...let's say a $50 gift card. Using Bid-Ninja, you could see that one of those two auctions has 4 players that win 30% of the auctions they bid on and have each spent more than $20k on Quibids (there are a LOT of these "quibids professionals" on'll be able to see them using Bid-Ninja). Then, using Bid-Ninja you could see that the second auction for that very same product has only "newbies" to Quibids. You'll be able to "cherry pick" the best auctions that you'll definitely be able to win, and at a lower price, because you'll be able to see which auctions are easier than others!

Well, the smart players who are using Bid-Ninja don't have to IMAGINE being able to see those kinds of advanced statistics because they already can! That is exactly what Bid-Ninja does for the players who are winning auctions on Quibids right now, and it is exactly what it can do for you too!

The bottom line is that if you start using Bid-Ninja, you're going to be able to "walk into" Quibids and and know which auctions you can win and which auctions you can't.
You no longer have to waste your time and your hard earned money only to be frustrated. You can actually enjoy the time you spend on Quibids and have packages on your doorstep at the end of the week (the "fruits of your labor" so to speak) because you've actually begun winning on Quibids.
You don't have to believe us, or even a a single word you've read on
this page (even though it's all true!). Take a look at this:
  • Our plugin is listed on Google's website here, and has over 850 public users and over 30 FIVE STAR reviews (click the link to see for yourself!)
  • Our plugin is ALSO listed on Firefox's website here, and has over 1,000 public users and over 20 FIVE STAR reviews (click the link to see for yourself!)
  • That's a combined total of nearly 2,000 users and over 50 FIVE STAR REVIEWS!!
  • even mentioned us in an article they wrote! Seriously, check it out here on
  • Bid-Ninja has over TWO THOUSAND likes on our Facebook page here
  • This webpage that you're looking at RIGHT NOW has over NINE THOUSAND Facebook likes
  • Our "live action" demonstration video on YouTube has over 88,000 views!!! (See it here)
  • Bid-Ninja has been tweeted about over SIX THOUSAND times

Those first two links actually have WRITTEN reviews by REAL users. We don't have them listed here, because we want you to see them on Google's website and on Firefox's website. So go ahead, read them and see just how legitimate this software is and how much of an opportunity you have in front of've just stumbled upon the ultimate secret to winning on Quibids! If you're playing on Quibids and you're not using Bid-Ninja, that means you're losing auctions to players who are using it!

You don't even have to believe all of THOSE people or those statistics...because we'll GIVE YOU Bid-Ninja TOTALLY FREE to Prove it!

We understand that in today's society, the old "have to see it to believe it" adage is stronger than ever...and we actually agree with it. So what we're going to do to prove that you can actually win more auctions on Quibids using Bid-Ninja, is just GIVE YOU Bid-Ninja!

No tricks, no strings attached no nothing. You can literally have the Bid-Ninja browser plugin and we'll email you a set of login details so you can use it. It is totally unrestricted and completely free.

On top of all that, when we email you the download link for the software and your activated login details, we'll ALSO email you a Pro Quibids User Guide that explains how to use Bid-Ninja AND gives real tips and real strategies to use on Quibids in tandem with Bid-Ninja...these tips and strategies are coming DIRECTLY from an elite Quibids Professional Player who has won more auctions than most people have ever even played in.

You are getting all of this completely and totally free: activated Bid-Ninja login details, the Pro Quibids Players Guide, the Forever Free auction tracker to view all of Quibids' auctions INCLUDING the hidden ones AND the Bid-Ninja Guide!). We don't want your credit card, we don't want your paypal info, we don't want anything...we just want you to start winning on Quibids using our software.

Why you ask? Because we know how incredible our software is, and we know that no page of paragraphs, no set of screenshots, no videos or anything else can show you exactly how powerful Bid-Ninja is like you just USING IT can show you. So we literally just give it away knowing that you'll see just how valuable and powerful it is at helping you to win more auctions, that when it comes time to upgrade down the road, you won't bat an eye. We wanted to make it a "no brainer" for folks to upgrade in the future. The best way to do that, is to literally just give our software away for free and ask for nothing in that's what we're doing!

We will not continue to give Bid-Ninja away for free get in while you can!

We're approaching the point where we won't need to give away any part of our software, as we'll just have too many users to sustain this "give it away" business model. That means that if you want to experience what Bid-Ninja has to offer and win more auctions using the free auction tracker without paying a dime or even having to give us so much as a real name, then you'll need to do it now. We're probably just a few days away from completely removing the ability to use Bid-Ninja without paying for it, so you better get in on this while you can!

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All you have to do to begin winning more auctions on Quibids immediately, is to enter your desired Bid-Ninja username, name & email address to the left.

Then just click on the "Send Me the Free Software & Login Details Now" button. You'll then immediately get an email that contains the free Bid-Ninja software, activated login details, a simple "Jump Start" tutorial on Bid-Ninja AND real Quibids tips & strategies directly from a real Quibids professional (has spent over $60k on Quibids).

You will ALSO be among the first to know about the new AutoBidder!

Don't say we didn't warn you!

There are those that have arrived at this very page and were too lazy to click a single button, or weren't smart enough to realize all the benefits of Bid-Ninja and left without downloading our plugin (even though it's totally free and we give away completely activated login details along with it).

Well we can guarantee you that those who saw this page and aren't using Bid-Ninja, are losing auctions to the people who are! We have so many users using this software that the odds you're going to lose an auction to somebody using it are pretty good...unless of course you too are using it!

Don't continue to lose auctions when you don't have to...see the "You've Won!" message on Quibids today. Open up that Quibids package that contains your winnings that has just been delivered to you a few days from now. Feel the thrill of victory that comes with snatching up unbelievable merchandise at an absolute steal...use Bid-Ninja for free today!