Get Quibids Voucher Bids Cheap – Get 50 to 100 Quibids Voucher Bids for $15 or Less!

Below there are two videos.  The first shows how we used Bid-Ninja to win a gift card auction on Quibids for just two bids and then how we used that gift card win and turned it into an additional 61 voucher bids on Quibids for absolutely zero additional investment.

The first video is public and anybody can view it.  The second video is members only content and NORMALLY can only be viewed by those who have a paid membership to either the Bid-Ninja Analytics and/or the Bid-Ninja AutoBidder. Until October 7th however, we’re allowing anybody to view it (you just need to log in).

It is Highly Recommended You Watch the Videos in Full Screen to See the Details

 Video Part 1 – Quibids Live Auction Win (2 Bids) for $25 Gift Card


 Video Part 2 – Get 50 to 100 Voucher Bids for $15 or Less

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    • Bid-Ninja
      Bid-Ninja says:

      Thanks so much for pointing that out, we apologize! The problem is fixed now, you’ll be able to view the video normally now.

      As for the instructional PDF, you can get that and other guides/tips/tutorials from the new Members Only Guide Area here:

      We’ll be constantly updating that area, so make sure to check back. Thanks again!

    • Bid-Ninja
      Bid-Ninja says:

      Thanks for pointing out the problem, it’s fixed now and you’ll be able to view the video normally. Sorry about that!

    ATMJOSEPH says:

    I AM LOGGED IN AND A MEMBER HOWEVER I GET THIS MESSAGE :We’re very sorry, but the remainder of this content is locked and viewable by paid members only, not free trial users or free members. i THEN LOG IN AGAIN FROM THIS MESSAGE BOX AND THE VIDEO IS NO WHERE TO BE FOUND. PLEASE ADVISE THANK YOU

    • Bid-Ninja
      Bid-Ninja says:

      Hello Joseph,

      You’re all set now, sorry about the error. Just log into your account and you’ll be able to view the second video normally.


  2. Buwberry
    Buwberry says:

    Yes you can Start at the Star in the center. There’s a tile in the center of the map i think 8G that can turn into a star on the custom board and then you don’t have to fight that 1st word

    • Bid-Ninja
      Bid-Ninja says:


      We apologize for the trouble, we have resolved the error and you should be able to see the video now.

      Please let us know if you can/can’t so we can be sure you’re taken care of.

      The Bid-Ninja Team

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