More Free Bids on Quibids – Latest Quibids Promo Code

Quibids just released a new promotional code that allows Quibids players to get 5 free bids, no purchase required (as long as you’ve already purchased your first bid pack), added to your account!

To claim your five totally free bids, log into your Quibids account and then visit this URL:

Then enter the coupon code: WINTER

This promotional code expires on 1/17/2014 and is available to US customers only according to the email Quibids sent out that contained the coupon code.

So go ahead and claim your five free bids and start using Bid-Ninja to start slicing through your competition and win yourself something nice!

Here is the image from the email Quibids sent:

Latest Quibids Promo Code - WINTER - Get's You Five Free Bids on Quibids

Here is a screenshot of the entire email from Quibids:

Latest Quibids Promo Code Email - Here is the Entire Email Quibids Sent