What is QuiBids You Ask? A Great Place to Get a Deal

What is QuiBids?

If you wanted to buy some of the latest gadgets at a bargain price, you would probably visit the traditional haunts such as Amazon or EBay. One thing that you may have overlooked during your bargain hunt are the penny auctions and one of the most popular penny auction sites on the internet is QuiBids.

Bidding on the Site

The QuiBids site works similar to a traditional auction modified for the digital age. Each user starts off with a number of bids that they purchase from the site. QuiBids typically charges $ .60 for each bid placed on the site.

Bids can be purchased in Bid packs. These include

  • 40 bids for $24
  • 70 bids for $45
  • 300 bids for $180
  • 600 bids for $360
  • 800 bids for $480

If you’re a new user, you can avail the starter pack where you can purchase 100 bids for $60.

Getting Started on QuiBids

The QuiBids site and video defines 4 simple steps to getting started on the site. All you have to do is sign up, find an auction, bid on the product, and win or buy the item.

In addition to the starter pack, the penny auction site also offers beginner auctions with more Bid Packs to help beginners understand the way the site works.

Bidding in an Auction

Once you’ve joined an auction, you can start bidding on the product, each time you place a bid, one bid will be deducted from your account, and the clock will be updated by no more than 20 seconds. This is similar to the last call at an auction.

Each bid will also update the price of the product by a single penny.

The Bid-o-Matic

Another great feature of QuiBids is that if you haven’t got the time to sit and bid on an object but really want the deal, you can start the Bid-O-Matic which will then do the bidding for you until you return.

Losing an Auction

If you’ve won an auction, then congratulations! You will get the product at a bargain price which would be impossible to avail anywhere else.

If you didn’t manage to win the auction, then you would still have the chance to save your bids and simply purchase the item at the retail price.

Making the Most of QuiBids

When making bids at a penny auction, it can always be a great advantage if you have done your research before hand, and know not only about the actual bid but also your opponents.

Software such as Bid Ninja provides users with the insight to make sure that they succeed at their bids and are able to take home a product for a fraction of its price.

It provides useful information such as the average number of bids required to win, the winning statistics of your competitors, the average final price of the product in question, and the best times to play in an auction.

Installing Bid ninja is incredibly easy since it can simply be installed as a browser plug in. This enables users to gain valuable information in a time intensive activity without having to leave the page.

This inside information is sure to provide you with an advantage over your competitor and you will be able to make smarter moves in the auction.

How Can Bid Ninja Help?

Even if you have the information, how will you use it to your advantage? That’s what many users are often confused about. In the simplest terms it can tell you whether you need to pursue a particular auction or whether you should back out. If your opponent is three buds away from timing out o0f the auction this information will make sure that you don’t give up on it and stay there for the next three bids until you win.

QuiBids is a great site for those looking to get some great deals on products without breaking their banks. The site however requires a bit of skill and expertise in order to succeed at the auction which can be assisted by intelligent software such as Bid-Ninja.

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