QuiBids is Giving Away a CAR for Free!

Quibids has just announced that they are giving away a brand new 2013 Ford Focus completely for free!

If ever there were a time to leverage Bid-Ninja (whether it be the Analytics or the AutoBidder) it’s now!

Read about how and when Quibids plans on giving away the car here and be sure you have Bid-Ninja on auction day.

They’re letting anybody who has ever purchased a bid pack bid on the auction at absolutely zero cost by giving each bidder 5 free bids to use.  In addition to that, the winning bidder will NOT have to pay the final cost of the auction which makes the car (for the winner) 100% completely and totally free.

We’re pretty psyched about this, as it’s by far the coolest type of promotion they’ve done bar none.

So if you were looking for something to do come this Cyber Monday, make sure placing some free bids for a free car is on your list!

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  1. vsizemore
    vsizemore says:

    It was nice to see the car auctioned. It would’ve been even better if I could have tracked the bids through the evening so I could’ve had a chance at winning it rather than blindly bidding in the dark.

    • Bid-Ninja
      Bid-Ninja says:


      Yes, it was pretty cool to see Quibids auction off the car. We do apologize that Bid-Ninja wasn’t tracking that auction, but it was intentional. An auction of that type (a “free to bid” auction, of which Quibids has had before) throws off the stats of Bid-Ninja. For example, if we tracked that auction, the winner of it would have $16,200 “applied” to their net gain/loss stats within Bid-Ninja and wouldn’t have spent a dime in bids to get it. The same goes for all of the other “free to bid” auctions (with the value “applied” to their bid-ninja stats being different of course, based on retail value of the item being given away).

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