Just Click the “Bid-Ninja Mask” Icon

When you click the “Bid-Ninja mask” icon (to the right of the Google Chrome address bar on the upper right of your computer screen), a list of auctions and basic data will instantly popup. Don’t worry, this will not affect the website being viewed at that moment. Auction Tracker allows you to quickly determine if you should drop what you’re doing and jump into an auction!

Which Websites are Tracked?

You’ll get instant access to a list of auctions taking place on QuiBids and DealDash, including the hidden auctions that have been removed from public view.  Auctions are often removed from the homepage of these sites after they meet certain criteria.  This is done to prevent auctions from running indefinitely.

What Information is Provided by Auction Tracker?

In addition to the list of live auctions, you’ll see the retail value of each auction, current price, how many bidders have bid in the last five minutes, and more. Information provided may vary by website.

Bid-Ninja Auction Tracker for Quibids & Dealdash Penny Auctions