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You do not have to be logged into Quibids, MadBid, DealDash and/or Beezid to use Bid-Ninja. Bid-Ninja will show you stats about all products & players on Quibids, MadBid, DealDash and/or Beezid even if you’re not logged into Quibids, MadBid, DealDash and/or Beezid itself. So just follow the installation instructions below and then just browse to any Quibids, MadBid, DealDash and/or Beezid auction (whether you’re logged into Quibids, MadBid, DealDash and/or Beezid or not) and the Bid-Ninja interface will appear. Then you can log in using the activated login details that have been sent to you.

Before you can use Bid-Ninja, you’ll need to install it from our installation instructions page here. You’ll see on that page that we’re a fully approved addon and listed on Google’s & Firefox’s websites (with a combined total of thousands of users with over 50 five star reviews no less!).

You’ll notice that Bid-Ninja can only be used within the following two browsers: Google Chrome and/or Mozilla Firefox. Bid-Ninja is an app for either of those two browsers and not an actual software that you’ll launch from your desktop. So you can only install & use Bid-Ninja from within either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. This is because Quibids, DealDash and/or Beezid’ site runs faster & more efficiently in these browsers than in any other browser. In fact, Quibids, DealDash and/or Beezid says right on their FAQ page that you should use their site in either of those two browsers over any other browser (like Internet Explorer for instance) because you’ll have the best experience on their site that way.

After you’ve got it installed you will find three parts to Bid-Ninja:

Bid-Ninja Auction Tracker:
The Bid-Ninja auction tracker is the only tracker of it’s kind for Quibids, DealDash and/or Beezid, and it’s absolutely free (no logging in and no purchase required and it never expires…it’s yours forever)! The auction tracker shows ALL live auctions on Quibids, DealDash and/or Beezid that are taking place at any given moment. Why is this so important? Quibids, DealDash and/or Beezid regularly removes auctions from their home page after they meet a certain criteria, whether it be bids placed or a certain dollar amount, these auctions can no longer be found without having the direct URL to the auction. In other words, they are entirely removed from public view. I used to spend the entire morning saving every auction that I might want to play in throughout the rest of the day. Now all you do is click on the Bid-Ninja Ninja Star icon in your browser (Google Chrome top right corner, Mozilla/Firefox bottom right corner) and all live auctions will be displayed to you. All you have to do is “cherry pick” an auction from the list and click on it, and you will be instantly taken to that auction on Quibids, DealDash and/or Beezid. In addition to the list of auctions within the auction tracker, you will also see a certain amount of information including $ amount, retail price, number of bidders and number of Bid-O-Matics. This is completely free and yours to use whenever you like.

Bid-Ninja Analytics:
This is where the rubber meets the road! We are extremely proud of the analytics portion of our software. Bid-Ninja tracks every user, auction and bid placed on Quibids, DealDash and/or Beezid 24/7/365 and have this set up in an easy to use interface. Why this is so important? Because you’ll have up to the second tracking information for every user & auction via the Bid-Ninja interface! You’ll see this data by browsing to any Quibids, DealDash and/or Beezid auction, where you’ll see Bid-Ninja automatically insert itself seamlessly into the auction page. You can use this data to see what kind of bidders are in the auction, how many bids were placed by each user as well as their win/loss and voucher bid history (and a whole heck of a lot more). After using the software for a few auctions or few days you will easily be able to recognize proper timing into an auction and determine when you should start and stop bidding. You can also see what users play together and collude so you don’t make any mistakes. This is what you’re getting 100% completely and totally free (no restrictions) for the next four hours.

We know that spending money on auction/product/user analytics in addition to bidding on Quibids, DealDash and/or Beezid may seem excessive; however, if you plan on purchasing some of these items anyway Bid-Ninja only costs you one additional dollar per day or less than the equivalent of two bids on Quibids, DealDash and/or Beezid! Think about this for a second. You have all the data available to significantly increase your chance of winning for the cost of two bids per day! Would you ever buy a stock without reviewing research or analytics for that stock or reading an expert review of that stock? Of course you wouldn’t! Well now you have that same type of information about the bidders/auctions/products on Quibids, DealDash and/or Beezid all right at the click of a mouse! We have median sales prices based on the day, date or hour. Complete user analytics. You can see how long a user has been in an auction and check their win/loss history to see if they are in it for the long haul or just placing a few bids then leaving. Upgrade to the premium version of our software for just $4.99 for 3 days and if you don’t think it’s worth it you can cancel at any time, no questions asked and you’ll still have full access to the 3 days you paid for, regardless of when you cancel.

Bid-Ninja Autobidder (only for Quibids):
The Bid-Ninja AutoBidder for Quibids will place bids for you automatically for as long as you want regardless of whether you’re in front of your computer or not. This is one of the ultimate weapons against your competitors on Quibids!

We know the analytics portion can be a little overwhelming so feel free to email us with any questions on how to use it. We are here to help! For those of you that don’t see the added benefit of the Bid-Ninja analytics feel free to use our auction tracker as long as you like. We know after some experience on Quibids, DealDash and/or Beezid you will upgrade!

You can reach us by email at: or alternatively, you can open a support ticket (we have an excellent response time) here:

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