Watch Rob Win a Quibids Auction

Recorded Start to Finish

In the video below, you’ll actually be able to watch us, from start to finish, win an auction on using all of the available “parts” of Bid-Ninja (Analytics, BidBuddy, and the Auction Tracker).

If you don’t want to hear or see the strategy we’re using in this video and you simply want to see us win the auction, skip to about minute 5:00. For those of you who are members, you can then see how to turn a gameplay credit like the one we received for winning the auction below into an additional  $30 to $60 in voucher bids on our “Win Additional Quibids Voucher Bids Cheap” blog post.

When all was said and done, the total value for us in this auction ended up being about $45. And we used the gameplay credit to win an additional 51 voucher bids. This was accomplished by spending less than $3. Not too shabby! If Rob can do it, you can do it :)  Rob, you know we love you!

Good Luck in the Penny Auctions!

The Bid-Ninja Team