Analytics: Bid-Ninja’s Core Tool

Bid-Ninja Analytics delivers vital information through your web browser to help you bid smarter, which in turn will allow you to win more Dealdash & Quibids penny auctions while spending less money buying bids. Analytics is one of three penny auction tools within our software – the other two are BidBuddy (our auto-bidding tool) and Auction Tracker (a list of all upcoming penny auctions).
We often get asked how Bid-Ninja works. Rather than getting lost in tech jargon, here’s the simple version:

Collect Raw Data

We strive to collect every single bid from every single penny auction that takes place on Quibids and Dealdash, and have been doing so for years. Due to occasional technological challenges, outside our control, our collection rate is approximately 98.5% of total bids placed

Store Data

The raw data – made up of millions of bids, is then formatted, mapped to databases, and stored on large Amazon Cloud Servers

Analyze Data

Next, we analyze the data to find meaningful trends or patterns (called analytics) that tell us all sorts of cool things about each penny auction site and their respective players. If you’re curious and want a slightly deeper understanding of analytics click this Wikipedia link

Deliver Formatted Data

The final step, and the most important for our customers, is delivering the analytics (eg, trends, patterns, predictions) to an easy to use and intuitive interface within your web browser. The interface is Analytics (with an uppercase “A”) which displays the analytics (with a lowercase “a”) for you!

So now that you understand how Bid-Ninja Analytics works, what are you waiting for! Just install Bid-Ninja for Chrome or Firefox, enter a live Dealdash or Quibids Penny auction, and Analytics will automatically appear right on your computer screen on the auction page!