Penny Auction tools for every need

Stats & Analytics for Dealdash Penny Auctions

Advanced auction stats & analytics for Quibids and Dealdash, delivered inside Chrome right on the auction page

✓   Product stats

✓   Bidder stats

✓   Shows best day & time to win

BidBuddy for Quibids & Deal Dash Penny Auctions

Bidding tool for Quibids & Dealdash. You set the strategy and BidBuddy places the bids, automatically

✓   Multiple auctions, simultaneously

✓   Prevents auction lockout

✓   Smart bidding saves money

Click the “Bid-Ninja mask” icon to the right of the URL bar to see a list of Quibids & Dealdash penny auctions

✓   Never miss another penny auction

✓   Find “hidden” auctions

✓   # of bidders in last 5 minutes